Thursday, December 04, 2008

My glamorous life

After waking Garrett up at 6:15, I noticed Emily was half way off her bed. When I picked her up to move her I noticed she had peed the bed. (She fell asleep on the couch last nite and didn't make her usual pre-bed potty.) Luckily Aaron was home to help clean her up and he put her back to sleep in our bed.

Amelia woke up a while later and ate. After she had time to digest and burp I gave her her medicine. (She has an ear infection AND an upper respiratory infection. She's on 2 meds for the next week.) I got one medicine in her when she got choked and threw up all over herself, me, the side of the couch, and the floor. Luckily she's a breast baby. If you have ever cleaned up both formula vomit and breastmilk know the latter is WAY less stinky. It's still vomit, but less nasty vomit. :)
Oh, and in the process of all this she had what I like to call "exploda-diaper". Where the contents of baby's bum explode so quickly the diaper can't absorb it all and it leaks out. Lovely.

I was in the cleanup process when Miss Lydia woke up. She stood nearby watching it all. Then she holds up her nightgown and says "Momma, you wipe all mess wet!"
Wouldn't you know it...her diaper was full and pee had leaked down her leg and she stood there.

*deep breath* That's all you can do. :) Take a deep breath and roll w/the punches. (Thanks be to Zoloft..)I was able to chuckle about it as I moved from one clean up to the next.

Since then I successfully administered Amelia's meds, she and I changed clothes, the couch and carpet were scrubbed, Lydia was cleaned and changed, we 3 big girls had breakfast, the linens are in the dryer, and I have almost finished a cup of coffee while typing this. So....the day is looking up. :)

Here was Lydia a few minutes earlier, talking about Uncle Ray. She had sat there saying his name over and over (along w/other names). I managed to catch a little of it. Cute 2 year old speak.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Name necklaces for the girls

This idea was much cuter in my head, but the girls are easy to please and love their new "neckies".

The pink glitter is chunky, but I threw in some super fine glitter last minute and it floated to the top. Didn't really want that to happen.

I probably won't be making any more striped cane borders around a round shape. What a PITA.

The hearts and flowers are polymer clay also. Original idea was to have many more in the necklace, but it looked too crowded. Now I think they look bare. LOL! Oh I said, the girls love them. And it's practice for me and the resin. I think I need to buy new resin, btw. Maybe this weekend I'll pick up fresh resin and some molds! Fun fun!

This is Lydia's "I don't want you to take my picture" face. Ornery girl.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Felt clippies

I've finished a whole three clippies for the girls. Look out! I'm on fire! :)

Here they are in chronological order, left to right.
Felt clippies
They are getting better. The 1st one is not great, but it still looks cute in Lydia's hair. I'm getting better cutting out the teeny flowers. I got a new pair of teeny, pointy scissors...I hope they will make cutting easier next time.

After I choose the felt colors I let the girls pick the shape they want, and they pick the seed beads. And they crowd in around me to watch me stitch and drive me nuts. So it's a group effort. :) I'll slowly make more to match their wardrobe.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I can't draw

But I think the envelope came out cute in spite of me. I need to send a thank you card, and keep forgetting to buy one at the store so I made one. (Thanks to our nifty new printer we got last week!)

Anyway, the card is a big half-folded 8 1/2 x 11 sheet so I needed a large envelope. I used an envelope template from Creative Park and cut it out from plain white heavy cardstock. Since I didn't have any decorative cardstock I improvised with paints and simple flowers. I went overboard with the polka dots (the purple ones are too big, too) but that's ok. It's the thought that counts. :)

Oh, and no I'm not mailing the card in the big padded mailer. That's what the gift came in (with return address). :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alternate use for acrylic rods

Warning: creepy faces ahead.

Garrett started it.

Then I had to try it.

The 1st time I saw my picture full size, my Mom's eye peeping over my shoulder scared me!! Like heeby jeeby moment. Then I realized who it was. LOL!

Lydia was next. Her pic is the best! She looks like a Twisted Whiskers card.

And Miss Emily kept squishing her eyelids.

* On a crafty note...I'm slooowly making some stitched/beaded felt clippies for the girls. Maybe I'll have a picture to share in a few days.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

2 new Etsy finds

Last week I received a sample size lotion from Red Leaf. The lotion feels so nice on my skin and doesn't leave any greasy or stickiness. And it leaves a nice amount of fragrance that lasts for quite some time. I'm planning to order a couple more samples of fragrances and then order a large bottle.

And look at what isewcute made custom just for me! Isn't he adorable?! I loooove snowmen. Love them! I'm excited for this little guy to arrive in the mail.

Maybe it will arrive Saturday...then it will be a birthday present to me! :) I'm turning 29 this Saturday. For the 5th time. HA!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Happy but sad

I have sat down and walked away from the laptop several times, debating on whether to write this or not. I've finally decided to get it off my chest so I can move on with my day.

I am full of mixed emotions today. I am so incredibly happy and proud of America for electing an African American president. I can't even really wrap my brain around what an amazing thing this is. It is HUGE! (HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! infinity!) I do not think a person should be judged, persecuted, or for that matter promoted based on the color of their skin or gender.

I am a very liberal American, but I do not identify with either party. Nor totally agree with either candidate. I feel like this election was a choice of the lesser of two evils. I wish I had registered to vote here in time to be eligible to vote this election. I may be a liberal American but I do not think the right man got the job. I hope with all my heart I am wrong.

Both men gave great speeches last nite. McCain gave the most gracious speech I think I've ever heard. Bravo to them both for taking the high road last nite.

But I still can't be 100% happy that America elected a president who won't salute the American Flag and pay respect to all the brave people who have died to defend it.

And since I didn't register in time to vote, I guess that old rule applies to me:
If you didn't vote you don't get to complain. So I'll move along now. :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Resin question

Ok, my smart crafty readers...could you please help me with a resin question? I would like to use printed paper clippings. It's from a junk mail letter, actually. So it's laser printed I guess? Do I need to seal the paper before it goes in the resin?

I learned from this video tutorial that you should seal printed images. Does this apply to ALL print? Better safe than sorry?

Also, do I have to use Mod Podge or can I use Elmer's white glue?

Thank you for any help you can give. The all knowing Google isn't helping me so much this time. :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween pics

A few pictures from our Halloween. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. My little candy monsters thought the entire concept of knocking on the door and getting candy was fantastic! Once they got home they wanted to go walking again. LOL!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween rambles

Happy Halloween to you! BOO! LOL!
I just adore Halloween. It's never been an evil holiday to me. It's always been about the fun of dressing up, and the CANDY, and the kiddie spirit of it all. Holidays (and any situation really) are what you make them, ya know? ANYWAY! :)
We have a fun evening planned. All 3 kiddos are jazzed about dressing up and trick or treating. We live in a semi-secluded small neighborhood, so the kids can go door to door with ease and safety. Garrett is attending his first Halloween party just 3 doors down at his friend's house. And we will enjoy family time sitting in our driveway, handing out candy to the kids and watching all the neighborhood festivities.

Miss Amelia went for a 2 month old checkup yesterday. Poor pumpkin had to get 3 shots. :( But she weighed in at 10 lbs and 23" tall! She's had a LOT of fussiness and unhappiness lately. I feared it was reflux or something similar, but the DR thinks it's colic. (joy!) So we'll ride it out the best we can. Right now though...she's sleeping IN HER BED and has been doing so for almost 3 hours now! This is HUGE news. She's been refusing to sleep lying down for weeks now. She does all her sleeping in her swing. I hope it's not a fluke. Hopefully she can relearn to sleep lying down soon.

I found a new use for alcohol ink today! I diluted some color in a little rubbing alcohol, and used it to dye the white elastic straps on Lydia's butterfly fairy wings. Now they will blend better with her cute purple costume. :)

Well, I'm out of here for now. I want a cuppa coffee before Amelia wakes up. I'm looking forward to much super shock tonite! I hope you enjoy the holiday and all it's sugariness, too! ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dead guy in resin

For a first attempt at a new idea I'm quite pleased! It went way better than my attempts at encasing clay in resin a couple years ago. :) It's not quite worthy of this many photos...but my new camera is so easy to shoot macro I can't help but share.

The clay bezel was a tedious pita to make, but I like it!

I epoxy'd on the bail and covered the back. Couldn't resist the mica powders.

The pendant is fairly small. Isn't the iridescent purple glitter pretty?! In person it sparkles like crazy. Love that! The skull is much smaller than the beads I sell on etsy. His eyes were a pita too...but I like them! :) The tiny star beads were a last minute addition. Are they too much?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ADD attack

There is a reason why I've never mastered any one art or craft or...anything. I have the attention span of a gnat and the overwhelming desire to try it ALL. :)

Right now Amelia is napping and the big girls are happily playing. Am I taking advantage of this time to scamper off to the happy table? Oh hell no. I'm surfing Etsy and googling for examples of the things I want to LEARN to make. I don't have the supplies or the tools or the basic knowledge required...but I have a list! LOL!

First, I need a sewing machine so I can make Amelia a dozen pair of cute little Mary Janes like these. And adorable little dresses/shirts for all the girls like this one. Oh! And a fabulous new diaper bag that I'll customize just like I want it.

Then there's all the hair accessories I want to make for the girls. I'll use that sewing machine for perfect fitting headbands for Amelia. Some sort of soft, stretchy material that will stay put but not bite into her soft little noggin like elastic bands. Then I need to hit the felt department so I can make cute stuff for hair clip decorations that will interchange on the headbands OR clip into the big girls' hair.

All of which (except the hair clips) are ridiculous b/c I suck at the sewing machine! The curtains I made for the Oklahoma house...OY! They were so bad. I know practice makes perfect but holy cow...they were/are terrible.

Oh! And papier mache...I want to learn it too. I think the first and only time I papier mached was a George Washington bust in 2nd grade. :) I've got several ideas for folk art home decor items that would be better suited for papier mache (vs. polymer clay). So I'm reading up on the various recipes and techniques available. Of course I'll read and bookmark and read and bookmark for weeks, but never actually try to make anything. Did I mention I'm afraid of failure?

Oh! And resin! I bought a package of resin mix a long time ago, to use with a BOH idea I had. (and never finished...go figure!) If the resin is still good I want to try some resin jewelry. I don't have any molds, so I'll use it in polymer clay. I have a couple ideas to try.

Now I just need to find the motivation to get up off my arse and DO something. I have spent the last few weeks sitting on the couch surfing and watching tv. I don't even obsessively clean the house anymore! My laziness has reached a new high. I need the tv and internet to die, b/c I don't have the willpower. Help! Someone call our cable provider and tell them to cut me off!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ok, I warned you

New camera = spamming you with kid pics. :) Miss Emily and her mini-me, Amelia.

Monday, October 06, 2008

I almost forgot

I love my Daddy
Originally uploaded by ~ChristieToo
I put 4 new Amelia pics on my *other* flickr account. Click on the picture to check out her cuteness! :)

She's growing and thriving and intermittently happy. LOL! She's started smiling at familiar faces (and not in that gas relief sort of way). Poor girl has terrible baby pimples, but other than that she's perfectly healthy and well...just perfect! :)

Amelia's milk cow has had problems of excess milk production, which has created gas/reflux/spit up pains for Amelia and physical pain for the cow. However! With the help of Google and the Le Leche website we are taking steps to correct the problem and make life easier. Thank goodness for the baby swing!! B/c of the gas issues, she wants to stay upright at all times. So she does most of her sleeping in the swing.

Speak of the sweetheart...I hear her waking now. Amelia update over for now. :)

Bday highlights

Mr. Garrett turned 10 in grand fashion. He spent the weekend in Ft. Worth with family and attended the Texas State Fair. From what I hear he made the most of it with wild rides, good junk food, games, animal races and exhibits that included a 1,200+ lb. pig! They made it back home just in time for his b-day party. (His 2nd party mind you...his Aunt Charlie threw him one the previous evening as well!)

It was really fun! He hit the mother load on gifts, receiving a new bike, a BB gun, lots of Star Wars goodies he wanted, and many other cool toys. A neighbor friend let us borrow their big bouncy castle. The kids had fun popping balloons with darts, Garrett's bow & arrow, and maybe even his soft air pellet gun (I didn't witness that one). Then they moved to the empty field beside our house to try out his new BB gun. (I even had fun shooting it after the party was over!) And finally they got to attack the pinata that had been stuffed FULL of candies and party favors. It was so heavy it broke off the hanger. And then broke off at the feet twice after Aaron retied it! LOL! Their last act of fun was busting into the living room and showering all of us with LOTS of silly string. It was really quite funny, but Emily (who hates to get dirty) wasn't amused in the least. :)

It was a great 10th bday party for sure. Garrett had lots of friends and family here to celebrate with him. Here are a few picture highlights.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

$10 coupon code

I finally decided on a digital camera. Yay! And better yet...just minutes before I ordered it I got an email from Abe's (my new favorite electronics store) with a $10 off coupon code. Score!!

I'm not sure, but I hope the code will work for anyone. With an order of $75 or more, use the code "LOYALTY10" in the shopping cart for a $10 discount.

No, they are not paying me to pimp their website...LOL...I just wanted to try to share the savings. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm on Twitter

I've heard about Twitter many times but totally ignored it. I figured it was just another myspace. (blech!) But just like with myspace, I finally caved in and signed up. I've never been able to stand up to peer pressure. LOL!

I so don't need another online account to distract me from the responsibilities of my day. But oh well...I'll give it a go. It looks fun. Here's my page. :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where is Fall?

It's not here. I had to LOL at the weatherman yesterday. During the extended forecast he said, "Hang in there til Friday or will start to feel more like will cool off to the lower 80's and much lower humidity". Lower 80s?! HA!!! It's not even cool enough at nite to open the windows. What a goober.

We got back home Thursday evening. Aaron returned to work Friday (and all weekend). Sunday our internet came back on. Garrett started school yesterday. Today Amelia will go to her belated 2 week old checkup. She'll be 4 weeks old Friday. :)

I'd love to have something crafty to show you but alas...still no camera. I'd like to have a help buy me a camera sale on Etsy but way to take new pictures. Dangit! LOL!

So here's a hurricane video. It's very underwhelming. Certainly won't make it to CNN! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Refugees or Evacuees?

Mom calls us her refugees, but I prefer's sounds less 3rd worldy. :)

We survived Ike. And our house (which is 50 miles north of Houston) the weather wasn't that bad. Not by our standards anyway. We had several hours of strong, sustained winds. Probably 70+ mph. We didn't flood, but our neighbord had sewage backing up into their backyards. EW. EW. EW.
Nothing in our neighborhood was destroyed, but there was a lot of damage in town. Certain areas around the lake were heavily damaged. I wish I had a picture of the large boat dock that was blown up and on top of it's neighboring boat dock. It made a huge, mangled boat dock sandwich. Crazy! There were plenty of snapped trees and damaged roofs. And there is no power anywhere in town. Or the neighboring towns. From what we heard, the hospital was about the only place with power.

We lost power at 4:30am Saturday. Not bad considering the weather hit a couple hours before that. Saturday Aaron fired up the grill and made enough hamburgers for a small army and then smoked a huge brisket. We had planned on riding out the no-electricity thing for a couple days. But then we hear on the radio that it could be at least a week, or two, or three, before we got power......we decided to pack up our yummy food and get the heck out of dodge! It's not like Garrett would miss school or Aaron miss work. About noon-thirty yesterday we started driving north.

Mom is happily sharing her house with us until our neighbors call with news of electricity in TX. With any luck it will be one day this week! In the meantime Aaron will do a little work on the house, which is always good.

Thanks for your well wishes and concerns for us! We are safe and sound and waiting it out WITH ELECTRICITY in Oklahoma. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike Ike Bo Bike

We are preparing for our 1st hurricane. Growing up in tornado hell makes us not too uptight about super strong winds and torrential rain though. :) And our city is in the evacuate-TO zone, so that makes us rest a little easier too. Still...we may well lose electricity this weekend so Aaron is at the store picking up a few things.

In other non-crafty life news: Amelia is doing well. She's reached a fussy phase unfortunately, but it comes and goes. Gas bubbles and over-eating/under-eating are mostly to blame I think. I wish the camera still worked...I'd love to bore you with a dozen new pictures a day. :) I'll have to settle for a video of the older girls being little Mommies. Lydia was fresh up from a long nap. Her hairdo is funny! But she was being such a sweetie I had to tape it. Unfortunately I missed her rocking and singing to the baby just before. I hope you can hear her ok. I forgot to turn off the noisy oscillating fan. :o\

Speaking of the camera....I'm comparison shopping digicams. The Canon Powershots to be specific. Do any of you have a Powershot? I'd really love to hear any feedback on these cameras. I'm reading good things about several of the SD's and the A's. I'm looking for something less than $300 that will take good macro shots of my clay things as well as be a good point and shoot for family stuff. But I've read so many reviews I'm totally confused.

Well, it's been a few hours since I started this post. Aaron had to go to several different stores to get groceries. Most everything is sold out. He just went back to w@lm@rt at 10pm b/c they promised a new shipment of bread by 10. Every store in the area was out of bread earlier!
We are stocked up on water, non-perishable foods, a gas powered camping grill (in case we can't use the charcoal grill due to weather), we have a new manual can opener, a new corkscrew, and 2 new bottles of red wine for Mom. I'd say he did a good job covering all the important bases. LOL! Please keep a good thought for us this weekend. Let's hope IF the power goes out it's only for a short period of time!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Amelia ANNE

Amelia Jane
Originally uploaded by ~ChristieToo
Edited Sunday a.m. now that my brain is awake. Her middle name is Anne. ANNE. Holy cow...middle of the nite last nite it occurred to me I blogged the wrong middle name. LOL!!!!! Ok, on to the original post:

We all made it back home about 5:30PM today. All of us including our newest family member, Miss Amelia Anne. (Poor girl didn't officially get a name until lunchtime today. LOL!)

Long story short (b/c I am so darn tired):
Labor and delivery went very well and quickly. Not quite as quickly as everyone expected, but as quickly as with Lydia. I had fantastic hospital staff taking care of me. Unfortunately the nursery staff was very hit-and-miss. I don't think I'd recommend this hospital to anyone I like, but that's a story for another day. :)

Amelia is doing wonderfully and currently sleeping soundly in her bed. She's such a sweetie pie. She's officially our tiniest and shortest baby. But she's got huge feet! LOL!

You can click on the picture to see a few more pics at flickr. These are the pics from my Mom's camera. (remember, our camera is dead) When I get copies of Granny's pictures I'll add more.

All the kids adore Amelia. Lydia is the most smitten and wants to hold and mother and love on her constantly. She even gets pissy when she can't. Hopefully once everyone gets rested and into a routine the emotions will settle down around here.

Of course, if this damn hurricane moves westward we might have to pack up family and retreat to our house in Oklahoma for a few days. I can't even wrap my brain around the hairy hectic mess that would be. OY!! But that decision will come tomorrow I guess.

Anyway....she's here, she's healthy, and we have all fallen in love all over again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wired Wednesday

Ok, so wired might be an exaggeration, but restless or antsy or spastic definitely apply. :) I think today calls for a lengthy bulleted post. Oh how I *heart* bulleted lists!
  • To get the obvious out of the way: 6am Friday is the induction. With any luck we will be proud parents of 4 by lunch time. And no we still don't have a definite name. LOL! She'll either be Amelia Anne or (thanks to an idea from my Mom) Abigail Renee. I'd place my bet on Amelia though. I like it better with our last name.
  • A few days ago our digital camera died. Well, the card reader part of it appears to be dead. It says the card needs to be formatted but it gives an error message instead of actually formatting it. I've tried 2 other cards and get the same result. BUMMER! At least we have the video camera. It takes totally crappy still pics, but it's better than nothing.
    ANYWAY...the last 3 pictures I took were documenting my O.C. condition. It seems I'm an O.C. embellisher. I can not help myself! I must embellish store bought things to give them more sparkle and pizzazz. For instance:
The wooden letters for the girls' door. Originally the girls painted them and had a good time doing that. But they looked like mud soup, so I repainted them and added glitter paint.

Granny recently bought 2 cute plaques for their room. There was nothing wrong with them, but to me they were "blah" and needed a girly touch. So I drilled holes in the top, made glittery PC flowers on coiled fun wire, and glued them in the holes. Oh, and I added white dots to the front and glittered them. :)

It's a poor picture. And unfortunately I can't get a better one to show the cute flower detail. The other plaque is pink and will have hearts and beads eventually. Doesn't look like it will be this week though!
  • Garrett is having a great 1st week at school. He's riding the bus w/his neighborhood friends, and seems to genuinely be enjoying his classes and the whole experience. It blows my mind that there are nearly 900 kids enrolled in K-4. In the tiny po-dunk town where I grew up there were probably 500 kids in K-12th!
  • I had a crazy small world moment yesterday. A fellow Etsy seller convo'd me to say Hi and that she noticed we lived in neighboring cities. I wrote back to tell her we actually live in the same city, but I had listed 3 area cities in my profile for a bigger 'shop local' audience. Then we discovered we both moved here in May. And THEN she told me what subdivision she lives's the same one WE live in! LOL!!! I haven't told her about the last part yet, but I will. Isn't that just a hoot?!
  • Ok, change of plans. The bulleted list is coming to an early close. I'm in need of a nap. I opened this post early this morning, and now it's 1pm. I've been cleaning house like a mad woman today and I've worn myself out. Lydia is napping (and it's not hard to snuggle w/Emily and get her asleep) so it's my opportunity for shut eye. I'm guessing the next time you hear from me will be this weekend w/baby pics or video. So....I'll see you all after my extreme weight loss weekend. LOL! Toodles!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thinking baby

Tuesday was my 38 week checkup. My doctor agreed to induce me next Friday (29th) if the baby hasn't come on her own by then. So I'm in full-on "to do list" mode. I've got clothes and bedding washed, car set is ready to go, all the family members are on high alert, I've pre-registered and toured the hospital, my bag is partially I do have several things done.
But we still need to:
  • Name the baby! That's the biggie. It's between Amelia and Abigail. (Abigail is a name I've wanted to use since I was probably 15. But it always gets pushed down the list when I start name hunting. 2 days ago I decided I really liked it again. LOL!) Last nite we flipped a coin about 50 times. I have this theory that whatever is "heads" will win in a best out of 10 contest every time. And my theory was proven about 80% right last nite! Anyway...Amelia won the coin toss. I think I like Amelia Anne (Wright) the best. And for some reason I sort of like Amelia Jane also. It's so simple and catchy. Like she's ready to be a famous Amelia someday. But I can't come up with anything for Abigail. 15 years ago I had Abigail Grace picked out, but we used Grace with Emily's name. You got any suggestions?!?? I should probably stop over analyzing the names and just go with Amelia already! LOL!
  • We need to stock up on newborn diapers. My SIL has sent a few packages of size 1, but those are too big for right now.
  • We also need replacement pads for the diaper warmer. With it being summer, this isn't crucial but the warm wipes do make for less unhappiness at diaper time. :)
  • And we need to replace the baby monitor system. The set we have now has seen us thru Emily and Lydia, but it just barely works anymore. Actually, it started working really poorly when Lydia was little.
  • It would also be nice to find her a cute, comfy, coming home outfit. All the hand-me-down newborn clothes are just onesies. Aaron's sis made the baby 2 adorable onesie dresses, but they are long sleeve. I'm thinking they'll be too warm for next week.
And in related to-do items....we need to get Garrett a few new shirts this weekend for school Monday. And pencils. I have all his supplies bought except for pencils. Oh...and a lunch bag. But I think that's it. I think. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jack-o-lady pin

At least I think she's a lady...she's wearing a sparkly, frilly skirt of a sort. :)
Jack-o-lady pin

This pin idea creeped into my mind two days ago. I woke up at 3:40am and never went back to sleep. So I had plenty of time to think that morning.
Her hat and her legs went thru a couple incarnations before I liked the end result. Initially her legs were long, tube shaped PC beads. And the hat was embellished with a seed beaded flower. Ironically enough the PC and the beads switched places in the end.

I don't even wear pins, but I want to keep this one. I really like her!

Monday, August 04, 2008

35 week comparison

I am ready for this roller coaster ride to be over. I've officially reached that antsy point where I'm over-analyzing every.stinking.thing my body is doing, in hopes of signs of labor. (Actually there are things going on...but it's way TMI to share on the public blog.) I'm trying to just chill and be as patient as possible, but patience has never been a virtue of mine. :)

What I want to see right now is that magic baby drop. But this bean has been riding low for a looong time now, so I'm hoping her drop is just not as visually dramatic as the others. (False hope is better than no hope, right?)
Today I found a picture from Lydia's pregnancy, and since I'm 35/36 weeks right now I decided to do a comparison shot. I really tried to make them as similar as possible.

So far I've gained the least weight with this baby. Not on purpose...just good fortune I guess. I don't feel it, but it shows in the comparison. Sadly, I don't think she looks like she's dropped. :( It just looks like a smaller fat belly than last time.

What do you think? Feel free to fabricate some lie to boost my spirits and give me false hope. ;)

Friday, August 01, 2008

Pumpkin Puppy Pin

Yesterday I woke up about 5:15 and could never get back to sleep. So I had lots of quiet thinking time before the kids woke up. Halloween was one of the many things on my mind, and I pictured this little guy as a fun, holiday pin. In my mind he was dressed up as a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. In reality he sort of looks like he's hiding behind a pumpkin. :) But nevertheless I think he turned out pretty cute.

He's very petite. Only 1 3/8" tall. I'm sending him to my Mom. She's all about the dogs. And since I didn't jack-o-lantern the pumpkin he's more of a Fall pin instead of just Halloween. More wear time!

And in unrelated news: The baby name pool is dwindling. We're talking about Amelia and Sophia. Middle names of Rose or maybe Anne. We also considered Audrey for a day, but it doesn't go with the flow like the other 2.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Halloween Treasury

I was fortunate enough to get a treasury spot today. Since my most fav-or-ite holiday is fast approaching, I decided to spotlight Halloweeny items. (plus it's a shameless plug for my skull beads) :)

It was HARD to only pick 12 items. Etsy is full of spooky goodness right now. I would decorate my house in Halloween themed folk art year round if I had the money!
Please go check it out if you have a few minutes to surf:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

More bird legs

The turquoise pair of birdies was so fun I had to see what they would look like in other colors. I got busy making all the little birds without many stinking bird legs I would have to make! LOL!

It was fun bringing each pair to life though. Seeing them together as a group really makes me smile. :) Obviously I don't need 7 pair of bird I'm going to get busy taking individual pictures and adding them to the etsy store.

I have almost used up all my sterling earwires. Time to order more. It's been years since I've had to buy jewelry making supplies. No joke. Several years ago I stocked up really well for craft shows and then I stopped doing the shows, so I've been slowly using that up. Ideally I should sell a few things first before I spend...but what fun would that be?! LOL!

New Ronit Golan canes

New Millefiori Canes
Originally uploaded by Ronit golan
Ronit Golan is one of my favorite clayers. In my next life I want to have an eye for color like her. :)
I was excited to see she's working on new canes for her summer collection. Keep an eye on her flickr...I see beautiful beads on the horizon.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hot dogs and cancer?

I just saw this CNN report on the possible cancer risks of eating processed meats. (it's a video clip, just FYI if you are at work) :) This is actually alarming to me.

Now let me preface this by saying, I am NOT a cancer-aphobe type person. Actually I get rather tired of hearing about everything that could cause cancer. If we avoided it all we'd have to live in a damn bubble and survive on IV fluids, ya know?
We wear our sunscreen and our seat belts. I quit smoking years ago. We just try to live sensibly, but don't spend lots of time sweating all the minutia.

But we are family of carnivores. Carnivores on a budget no less, so processed meats are a huge part of our diet. Since the American Cancer Society has even said to limit your consumption as much as possible, I think I'll listen to this warning.
Damnit. Hot dogs are for lunch in this house several days a week! As are meat and cheese sandwiches. Damnit, damnit, damnit.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have been pregnant FOREVER

At least that's what it feels like. I'm in no hurry for baby to get here (b/c they are SO much easier to care for in the tummy!) but I'm also tired of being pregnant. But that's a whiny wagon I won't jump on at the moment. :)

Earlier today Emily hugged my middle and looked up at me, reminding me of an old picture I took of her and my alien belly when Lydia was inside. So we took a similar picture today.

Seeing as we have only 6 weeks to go, we are giving more serious thought to names. We've had a half dozen favorites picked out for months now but it's time to pick one already. Yesterday I had the Word document (with said favorite names) open on the laptop when Aaron came home. I had already picked a new favorite and was planning to tell him. He walked in, stood and read the lists, and pondered for a couple minutes. He looked up at me and said the exact same name I was keeping silently in my head:
Amelia Rose, he said.
I laughed out loud and told him it was a sign. (I'm big on signs.) :) It's in no way a done deal, but it was a cool coincidence.

Here are the other names we're throwing around, mixing and matching:
First names - Abigail, Josslyn, Jillian, Isabel, Natalie
Middle names - Hope, Faith, Paige, Elizabeth, Tatum

We already have an Emily Grace and a Lydia Joy. Got any suggestions?? :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bird Legs & new video

Take a look at my new favorite creation:

Aren't they cute?! I just adore them. The little wire legs swing independently of each other for some fun movement. I'm going to list them in the Etsy store (as soon as the camera batteries charge and I get a couple more good pics) but I think I need a pair for myself also. :)

I've been busy making my skull beads again. Halloween (and with it Halloweeny jewelry!) is just around the corner! Last year, September was a good month for selling my skull beads. But this September I'm going to be a liiittle bit busy. (with the newborn baby and all) So I'm trying to get a jump on things and I'm listing them now thru August. Or until baby arrives, should she decide to come early.

Anyway...I also made a little show n' tell video about the beads. And it accidentally turned into a little mini tutorial in the middle of the video. I get lots of questions about how to poke holes in raw beads without distorting the bead I went into a little detail about how I do it.
So here's a show n' tell AND mini tute video. It's been a while!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New (Etsy) Headbands

I don't buy on Etsy nearly as much as I'd like. My rule for myself is to only shop w/my Paypal money and that is generated by my own Etsy sales. So there isn't a lot of fun money to shop with. LOL!

Anyway, I recently found some cute (and very affordable!) headbands from Apple Blossom Bows and I had to get a few colors for the girls. (And a black one for myself, which I'm wearing right now and it's very comfortable.)

I had hoped to take a super cute picture of the girls sporting their new headbands, but, OMG. My expectations were too high. Lydia is such a PITA to photograph. The girl never.sits.still. Never! Her larger-than-life-attack-of-the-dimpled-chipmunk smile is neither here nor there. The squirming is impossible to work with.
In the meantime, Miss Emily has posed and smiled and been elbowed and squished by her sister until HER smile looks like a beautiful grimace. **big sigh** I just keep reminding myself someday it will get easier. :)

Until then I have lots of funny blooper shots! LOL!
new headbands

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Catch of the Day Necklace

Is this a revisited or repurposed idea? Actually it's an idea triggered by some the kids' toys and an old BOH idea. :)

Once upon a time I had what I thought was a fantastically fun idea for a BOH. It involved a couple of little sculpted fishies, a cat, resin, and various other cute things. Everything was going great with the project until the resin. (I had bubble trouble.) Long story short: resin problems and my children and life in general kept postponing my finishing the project and I missed the deadline.
Here are a couple pics of the original cute critters:

So this week I merged the old with the new and came up with the Catch of the Day necklace.
Catch of the Day necklace

I so enjoy fun, not serious pieces of jewelry. :) I think it even qualifies for the current Art Bead Scene monthly challenge. Summer vacation makes me think about camping at the lake and fishing. Now granted we've never caught any fish quite this colorful, but everything looks whimsical in my imagination.
I currently have it strung on a buna cord necklace, but I'm thinking about changing to a simple seed beaded necklace. What do you think?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summery sherbert donuts?

Obviously I could use some help naming these new earrings. LOL!
Donut bead cluster earrings
I think I'm going to play around with this design a little more. I like all the color possibilities.
The teeny little donut beads are a custom mix of translucent clay with inclusions. I originally made a couple larger beads with the new mix, but sadly the "quirky new shape" idea was a flop. But the inclusions really showed up nicely in the larger beads. Maybe I'll try it again for some pendants.

Anyway...I like it when ideas come to life. And I love bead clusters! I was letting the girls play in a box of old craft show jewelry leftovers recently, and I discovered some of my first cluster earrings. I was making trendy bead cluster earrings many years ago before they were all over Etsy. Go me! LOL!

Actually, I've been sifting thru lots of old jewelry and beads lately. I had forgotten that once upon a time (before internet surfing) I had lots of cool, unique jewelry and bead design ideas. The old stuff is pretty crude but the design ideas are there. I want to start revisiting those old ideas. It could be fun.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Shark tooth necklace

Yesterday afternoon I made Garrett's shark tooth necklace. He picked 3 favorite teeth from the bag of found beach goodies. Two of them had really wonky "gum lines" that I wasn't looking forward to wire wrapping. The largest one had NO gumline, but it wirewrapped quite well so we decided to just use the one.

I made 2 pair of experiment beads that were supposed to go with that found beach treasure look. Garrett liked both pair so we used them all.
I also used some free buna cord I received from IB Moore. (thanks to a blog post from Heather Powers. Thanks Heather!) I didn't have any cord findings, so I made some wrapped end loops courtesty of this tutorial. I doubled up on the wrapping both for strength and for that manly-boy look. :)
Garrett's necklace

Friday, June 27, 2008

Not feeling crafty

Life is moving along at a normal pace, but craftiness is not in the air at my house. A handful of times I've sat down at the Happy Table and tried to make things but it never pans out.

...Original content edited out after reconsideration....

We finally made a trip back to Okla last weekend. We spent Sat. nite thru Tues. a.m. at Mom's. After 6 weeks down here it was nice to finally get to visit. Aaron got busy replacing the entire roof on the old, leaky Happy Room. So it was also a productive visit.
Here are a few shots of the kids enjoying fresh watermelon on the front porch.
Emily My favorite son Garrett
Watermelon at Gammy's house Lydia mid-bite

And one last picture of them enjoying the red wagon in the backyard.
3 cuties in the backyard

I brought home a bag of beach goodies we had found in N. Carolina. Garrett wants a necklace made from the shark teeth he found. Maybe that will be the project push I need to start feeling crafty again. I'll let you know. :)