Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Crafting ADD has is advantages. There is a wide array of WIPs on the clay table at all times.

When I was in the mood to try sculpting shrunken heads:

Not bad, since they are my first face sculpts. Not necessarily good either. :)
Shrunken Barbie, is still uncooked, but she has her pearl earrings on! Tribal man is baked and pierced. He was the 1st one I made, using a googled shrunken head image as my guide. I found an old wood bead hoop earring that made a nice display handle for him.
The last guy is just anglo-saxon man for now. Again I used a google pic as a guide. But somewhere in the process of head #3 I saw.....OH! sparkly!! New idea!!

What was I talking about??

In a happy accident I made batik! Sort of.

I was smooshing an old chrysanthemum cane to use for scrap, and the patterns and colors were really pretty. So I layered it up, mokume gane style, and came up with this. The blues go well in the downstairs bath, so...score!