Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm still alive

My how time flies when you feel like crap. :) Remember me mentioning the "prozac for preggos"? Well it made me siiiiick. Like can not get off the couch I'm so nauseous kind of sick. Plus insomnia! All last week I could not function during the days and could not sleep at nite. It was greeeat. Needless to say, Saturday a.m. I had had ENOUGH. I called the after-hours nurse and asked if I could stop taking the meds. (You are supposed to be weined off SSRI meds.) Luckily I had only taken 5 so the doctor said just stop them. YAY!!
Saturday I started feeling better. By Sunday nite the grumpy bitch monster was back. BUT! I can function again and do the things I need to do each day.

I have not been in the happy room for about TWO weeks now. This is a picture of the last thing I worked on. I made 2 sets of my tile heart beads that got so much positive feedback. These new beads are a simpler version. No mica shift this time. I made pink/black and red/black. This picture is the red. (The picture stinks.) I took step-by-step pics in hopes of doing a narrated picture video tute. Alas, that didn't happen. The beads have been baked, partially sanded, and sit on my Happy Table collecting dust. So much for a timely Valentine's day addition to my etsy store. :o{

This picture makes me giggle. I did not realize, until after downloading the pictures, that I was holding the blade upside down. DOH! :)

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