Saturday, May 31, 2008

Skirt buttons, round 1

A few months ago I found Emily a cute, denim skort at a second-hand store. It looks new except for one missing button. (there are 3 total) I knew right away that I would make 3 new PC buttons for it. I mean, WHY spend 5 minutes on the button isle at W@lmart when I can spend days or weeks experimenting w/PC buttons, right? :)

Recently Mossy Owl blogged about all her fabulous new button creations and it inspired me to finally stop procrastinating and make those 3 buttons. I decided on light blue buttons that I would white wash. I wanted cute but understated so that the skort could be worn with any color shirt.

I really like the buttons, but they don't look good on the skort.
Blue flower buttons
The white wash didn't work for me either. So that had to go. But the buttons came out really cute, I think. I may put them in the Etsy store b/c I don't sew, so they certainly won't get used at my house. LOL!

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