Monday, May 19, 2008

Rainy days and Mondays

I almost waited too long to make this post on Monday. The afternoon and evening just got away from me.

Anyway, here's a new pair of earrings appearing in the Etsy store today.
This is one of those rare times the creation materialized almost exactly like my mental image. Woohoo! :) I really like these earrings. They are shiny and sparkly and whimsical but not too weird to wear. At least not in my opinion.

While I made them I kept humming Winnie the Pooh's song...oh I'm just a little black rain cloud hovering over the honey tree. Except I sang blue instead of black. :) It was after I'd grown tired of that song that I started humming The Carpenter's song. LOL!

I used some of the fabulous glittery white Fimo in the blue mixture. (I think ALL colors of clay should come in that fantastic glitter version. I love that stuff!) I love the glitter but Fimo Soft is like working with butter. So frustrating. If I ever make more cloud earrings it will be w/out Fimo Soft.

The swirly cloud design is a revisited idea. A little over a year ago I experimented with fun wire and TLS to make this magnet for a weekly Claypen chat.

The clouds and the rainbow are just TLS inside wire borders. Then I raised them off the yellow background with tiny clay spacers. In real life it gives a nice 3D effect. Anyway, I like the swirly cartoon clouds. They are a reoccurring doodle in my idea notebook.


Merylu said...

Hello! As I already said on Flickr, I really like these earrings!!! I saw that they have already sold out in your Etsy store =) Compliments!!!
Me too, I like the effect of glittery fimo... I mixed the glittery white fimo with sunflower yellow (or lemon yellow? I can't remember!) to make my Tea Time earrings... and I like the result very much!!! Unfortunately, as you said, sometimes fimo is too soft and it's hard to work with it... in these cases I put it in the refrigerator for a while, so that it becomes a little harder! =)

Now I link you in my blog =)



Megan said...

I likes!

Ciloo said...

Hi there ! I don't know how to contact you... I'm a recent fimo addict from France, and i love your job... So... I gave you an award for what you do on my blog! Just to say that i really like what you do with polymer clay... I've been watching your flikr for some times now without leaving any comment... Well... That's done !
Have a nice day ! Cheers ! :)

Nashira said...

wow!! are perfects, congratulations ^^

see you !!