Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bday gift that wasn't

I did not get Mom's bday gift started soon enough. I need more than 2 days to make a jewelry gift. I'm slooooow.
Anyway, I had an idea for some dangly earrings but they did not materialize as pretty as they were in my head. (which is usually the case with me I'm afraid) My metal work needs a lot of work. And the shape is just not....right.

They are still nice dangly earrings, but I don't look at them and think, "Ooohhhh...Mom HAS to have those!" Here are 2 more shots:

What's could be improved? (besides my soldering LOL!) Should I have NOT hammered the twisted wire? Maybe the swarovski crystals are too formal for the casual wire? Less glitzy beads perhaps? Maybe I should oxidize?
I think the loop for the center dangle needs to be smaller. Let me know what you think!

The big oval started out as a perfect oval, but I changed it to be longer and top-heavy like it is. I'm just not a good designer. I don't have "the eye". I'm beginning to think artsy fartsy is not my calling in life. I can do the fartsy part with no problem...but I seem to fumble on the artsy part.


Anonymous said...

Hi, its anonymous again :P. I think the colors are a nice simple combination. Its not overloaded. You're right, the loop in the middle would be nicer smaller, and the shape is different. Its not ugly, their nice just different. Different is good. (who am I to judge) but they are nice and simple, maybe to be worn with a light summer dress with purple flowers and white background with white sandals. Those earrings would fit that outfit. :D BTW I love your creations... and designs even this one. Do you still have that email at gmail? Im S.M. and I wrote to you, I hope you respond. Good luck on gaining more inspiration so you can create more and inspire more...did that make sense?


Angela said...

I think they're nice! Though you may be right about the loop for the center dangle being too large... In fact, I think I could see it without the larger ring altogether, and have the dangle hanging directly from the earring part above it. That looks good in my imagination, anyway! Unfortunately I tend to have the same problem as you making things look as good as they do in my imagination...

Good luck with the earrings!

Anonymous said...

I think they're nice, too. As for not being artsy fartsy, I don't recommend you make any judgement in the early stages of pregnancy! Too hormonal.

I took your image into photoshop and made the center loop smaller. It does look good. I wish I knew how to send you the photoshopped pic.