Friday, April 18, 2008


How long has it been since I've blogged about anything polymer clay related that I created?! A long damn time! LOL!
I did not blaze any new PC trails but at least I MADE something. :)

A custom set of stitch markers for a very sweet and patient Etsier. I had forgot how tedious those bugs are. Those teeny tiny black balls required for all the spots. They are like large grains of sand. Ho.Lee.Cow.

Here is a pair of earrings I made last week. An extremely belated bday gift for Mom.

Seriously belated. Her bday was February. LOL! I had made her a soldered pair of earrings that looked really cool in my mind...but didn't quite cut it in real life. These look so incredibly cute on Mom. The size and dangle factor are perfect for her cute head.

This will be my first and last crafty post for a while. Today I'm packing up the Happy Room. :( May 2nd is our move-in date at our new house. It's killing us to pay $350 more a month to rent about 700 fewer square feet of house than we live in now's in the school district we wanted and the overall package is really nice. So we'll deal w/the pocketbook pain for now. Plus it had a dishwasher! I've been w/out dishwasher since October. So I'll enjoy that for sure.

So.....I'll still be "around" but not for a while. I'm checking my google reader when I can, so those of you with blogs may see me pop in now and then. Later taters!


Susan Turney said...

Hi Christie!
I just want to tell you to enjoy your new location. The house looks nice! I hope you have a Happy Room in it and can get it un-packed soon so you can get back to blogging. My very best wishes for your move and settling in in TX.

Gaile said...

The new house looks nice, hopefully you'll be there awhile (although I still say you moved in the wrong direction...COME NORTH)!

Do you have your own space for the Happy Room? I hope so, but I guess with another sprog on the way you will be pretty busy for some time.

Good luck with the move, and I'll be watching your blog to see when you are settled.

Michael said...

Best of luck with the move and preparing for the new baby! :o)

shoozles said...

so so cute! glad to see ya blogging!

Gina said...

I really have slacked off lately. I hadn't even seen the pic of the new house. Did I even know you got one? I have no idea. It's been a weird few months. I have a new blog, so drop me an email if you want the url. We need to catch up. *hugs*