Friday, February 15, 2008

Tiny heart bead

I found the mysterious missing bead pictures!

Three bead pics, as well as the girl's pics, were stuck on the camera. My usual view the folder and download process was hiding them. Aaron tinkered around until he found another default windows program that did the trick. My hero! :)

See...I told you they were tiny! They were magic jumping beads as well. No joke, I dropped I made. That was a frustrating butter fingers sort of day.

Question: Do you think I could enter the black and red bracelet into Art Bead Scene's "Chains of Love" challenge this month? When this bracelet came to life I thought it would fit the theme. But then I got to thinking it's not "chainy" enough. Not to mention these meager little beads might not qualify as art beads. What do you think? I'm thinking NO. Or am I being too literal? I'm a totally literal person....I don't think outside the box and interpret very well. :)

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