Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We're leaving!

We're going on a very impromptu vacation. Thank goodness everyone is pretty much over the stomach flu! The girls are still having problems w/the liquid tooshies, but thanks to diapers we can still roadtrip that way. :)

Anyway. Aaron's work is sending him to Elizabeth City, NC for 2 weeks. And he's arranged it so we can go too. Yay! Instead of one round-trip plane ticket he gets that's money for gas. And instead of a small hotel room 5 minutes from work, they are trying to get a 2 room family suite in a hotel just over the VA border. So he'll get mileage to/from each day I believe.

ANYWAY! We actually get to go somewhere for 2 weeks! Somewhere pretty! Away from BFE and back to coastal life for 2 glorious weeks. Woohoo!! From what I understand it's still a 40 hour/week gig with no weekends. So we'll even get a little family sightseeing time. Even if we have to squeeze into the little hotel room, I'm still excited. :)

I have to get hopping on massive laundry and bag packing now. I'm optimistic about WiFi and internet there, so hopefully I'll be online while we're away. Hopefully!
Later taters!

Monday, February 25, 2008

4 down

As in 4 of our 5 people down with stomach flu. Blech! Last Tuesday (19th) Emily and I went to the grocery store, W@lm@rt, and the PO. In one of those places Emily picked up a nasty stomach virus. By 6:45 the following morning she woke up vomiting. Poor thing could not keep ice chips down!
By 3am the following morning I woke up with it. Same story, only middle of the nite.
By about 9am (same morning) Lydia had it. By 8pm that evening Garrett was vomiting too. FUN!

Thank goodness Aaron was already off work Wednesday, and took off the rest of the week to nurse us all. Oh my gosh...he saved my bacon. Oh yeah...Aaron never got it. I call him my alien husband. He never gets sick. It's the weirdest damn thing I've ever seen. (especially since I was the kid who practically got her mail delivered to the pediatrician's office growing up!)

ANYWAY. The vomiting passes in 4-6 hours, but the sensitive tummies last much longer. The girls are still dealing with liquid hineys, and poor Emily threw up 2 more times just last nite. Apparently she's inherited Mom's super sensitive tummy. :(

We're all recovering. Some of us slower than others. Looks like the girls and I will snuggle and hold down the couch for yet another day. Aaron is back at work today. We had him home for 11 days. It was really nice and he got a bunch of (hidden) progress done on the house. But that post will have to wait for another day. Looking at this screen still makes me queasy. For now I'm outa here. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Aw look!

It's a real baby!

We lucked into another ultrasound yesterday. Dr. could not find the heartbeat using the little doppler thingy, so she did a quick ultrasound to make sure the heartbeat was normal. (it was) But look! It looks like a real little baby now. Just 4 weeks ago it looked like a lima bean blob.
I labeled the picture for those of you who aren't ultrasound savvy. :) From what I read, the bean is now 2.5 inches long and weighs a whole half ounce.

My doctor is awesome. Yesterday she asked "So how many more times are we doing this?" I answered "None. I'm done." She replied, "Oh, ok!" And the conversation ended with smiles all around. Sooo much different (and nicer!) than my previous Dr. Old Fart. Who started EVERY damn appointment with "So, are we scheduling a tubal??"
Ugh!! Good riddance Old Fart!! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Learned a new word today

Are you familiar with a clay color "argent"? I wasn't. Until today.
I have been looking at Carol Blackburn's bead book (page 52 to be exact) and it refers to argent as a clay color. There was only a picture of the finished bead, so I was left assuming it was a metallic color.

I googled color charts for all the clay brands and could not come up with anything. So I googled 'argent' and with my mad color skills determined it was either white or silver. Or maybe pearl. :) (Keep in mind I'm about as color saavy as a straight guy.)

So I went to the terribly messy clay drawer and started checking labels. It was an ooold package of SIII silver that also said argent. Bingo!! Now I know.

See...that mooshy old SIII can be useful after all. :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

iGoogle missing?

I have igoogle set as my homepage. But today it's gone. I get automatically transferred to a domain registration page. WTH?? I'm going to have withdrawals if I can't check my igoogle page 173 times today like I usually do.

Can you imagine being the (totally fired) person who forgot to renew the igoogle domain name?! DOH!!

Edited to say: It's back! I'll never know what the problem was, but it's back this afternoon. Thank goodness. Maybe my eye tick will go away now. ;)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tiny heart bead

I found the mysterious missing bead pictures!

Three bead pics, as well as the girl's pics, were stuck on the camera. My usual view the folder and download process was hiding them. Aaron tinkered around until he found another default windows program that did the trick. My hero! :)

See...I told you they were tiny! They were magic jumping beads as well. No joke, I dropped I made. That was a frustrating butter fingers sort of day.

Question: Do you think I could enter the black and red bracelet into Art Bead Scene's "Chains of Love" challenge this month? When this bracelet came to life I thought it would fit the theme. But then I got to thinking it's not "chainy" enough. Not to mention these meager little beads might not qualify as art beads. What do you think? I'm thinking NO. Or am I being too literal? I'm a totally literal person....I don't think outside the box and interpret very well. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentines

Aaron's Mom gave the girls matching v-day shirts. So I dressed the girls in them today in hopes of cute pictures. I certainly didn't get anything frame-worthy, but they are cute.
Lydia refuses to smile for (or even look at) the camera.

After several minutes of Lydia trying to run away and evade me, I got her to sit. Keep in mind Miss Emily was waiting patiently, smiling, the entire time. So I say to Lydia, "show me your teeth!" and I get these expressions:

This is part of the reason why we don't do formal studio portraits. LOL!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Old idea meets new beads

Ok, so it appears noone particularly cared for the green stretchy netting. LOL! That's ok. I know how pretty it is in person.
I finally finished the 2nd bracelet that incorporates my clay beads.

I'm guessing this will be the one & only. The beads are tiny! I had taken a cool picture of a heart perched on my fingertip, but for some reason it didn't make it to the memory card. (This has happened a couple times lately.)
After straining my eyes to make the teeny beads I got to use the thinnest beading needle EVER to sew them on. The seed beads are already full of stretchy cord, so I used a glorified splinter (aka the needle) to carefully slide through. I must say though....I had forgotten how awesome Nymo thread is. That stuff is tough!

So, there it is. (I think) it's cute and the possibilities are endless. But it just takes too long to make. The little ADD monkeys in my brain nearly slit their wrists waiting for me to finish this one!

p.s...If you didn't already, click the pics. They look better full size. The 2nd pic shows the sparkliness of the silver lined red beads.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Revisiting an old idea

Several years ago (it was 2004...I just checked...time flies!) I sold a handful of beaded stretchy bracelets on ebay. At that time I was seed beading and I was very fond of the netted patterns. I had made myself a couple netted bracelets with closures, but I wanted a casual, tighter, stretchy one! So I sat down with my favorite seed beading book, a pencil & paper, and worked out how to adapt my favorite pattern into a continuous stretchy bracelet.

I tried several color combos which resulted in the ebay items. But my ADD kicked in and I never made any more. Until a couple weeks ago! I wanted to do something creative, but I didn't have the "umph" to move my grumpy ass to the Happy Room. So I decided to revisit the old bracelet idea. I can sit on the couch, under a blanket, and bead a little at a time. :) I made this pretty green one first:

I don't know the exact color name of those green seed beads...but they are luscious. They always make me think of a forest. More specifically the lush, rich, fern abundant forests we used to hike in Washington. God I miss it there!

ANYWAY...that bracelet was fun so I made another. And I managed to incorporate some tiny little clay beads with it. Score! :) It's not quite finished yet. But I hope to be sharing pics of it soon.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bday gift that wasn't

I did not get Mom's bday gift started soon enough. I need more than 2 days to make a jewelry gift. I'm slooooow.
Anyway, I had an idea for some dangly earrings but they did not materialize as pretty as they were in my head. (which is usually the case with me I'm afraid) My metal work needs a lot of work. And the shape is just not....right.

They are still nice dangly earrings, but I don't look at them and think, "Ooohhhh...Mom HAS to have those!" Here are 2 more shots:

What's could be improved? (besides my soldering LOL!) Should I have NOT hammered the twisted wire? Maybe the swarovski crystals are too formal for the casual wire? Less glitzy beads perhaps? Maybe I should oxidize?
I think the loop for the center dangle needs to be smaller. Let me know what you think!

The big oval started out as a perfect oval, but I changed it to be longer and top-heavy like it is. I'm just not a good designer. I don't have "the eye". I'm beginning to think artsy fartsy is not my calling in life. I can do the fartsy part with no problem...but I seem to fumble on the artsy part.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Bite me!

That's the eloquent comment I wanted to leave a doofus on youtube today. I get a constant trickle of comments and messages each week regarding my videos. 99% of the time they are positive and polymer clay oriented. When I do get a comment from some dumbbutt troll I just delete it and roll my eyes.

But the past few days I've gotten 3 back-to-back comments from different people commenting on the long length of the videos. I know they are long videos. Hell, before days of editing them they were twice as long! They are a lesson. An entire lesson, I hope. I want a newbie to be able to watch those videos and feel like, "Hey...I can do that. Right now!" So I make no apologies for rambling on like I do. :)

Anyway, back to the comment. This morning I check my emails and find a new video comment. I check them out immediately b/c I want to reply quickly if someone has a legit question. This morning's comment simply read, "Tooooooooo loooooooong".

My first reaction was to reply "Biiiiiiite meeeeeeee!" :) My second thought was to delete it. But I finally decided to comment back. I basically told the person to shut up and go away. **big sigh**

Just this past week I started working on notes for 2 new videos. A youtuber requested some info that should make a fairly short, informative video. And I have a personal tool tip I've been wanting to share that will make another fairly short video. Even before the Time Police Posters annoyed me I was trying to keep "short and sweet" in mind. I know that I talk very slowly AND I ramble on a lot. It's something I don't like about the old videos, but it's WAY too much work to remake them. So I'm trying to learn from past mistakes and improve on future videos. But dang it!!! Those ninnies totally pissed me off. Talk about taking the fun out of something. Big dumb dummyheads! My Mom always taught me to take the high road and be the better person and all that crap. But today I just needed to complain. So....thanks for listening.