Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Colorful new treasury

I've been trying and finally snagged a treasury spot today!
Once again featuring "fewbies". Which is my word for shops with few or no sales. (Newbie is not always an accurate word, ya know?)
Please visit it and click on the photos. It helps promote the shops. And who knows...you might see something you can't live without! :)

P.S...if YOU are a fewbie and would like to be featured please leave me a comment or send me and etsy convo. I'm always on the lookout!


suzi blu said...

Your jewelry is stunning and briliant! And so is your lovely blog.

Please tell me, I have a blogger account as well, but how did you put in this amazing background? Is this a simple html thing?

gorgeous gorgeous, everything about you!

Christie said...

Well hey Suzi blu. Aren't you the sweetest thing! :) Thank you for the kind words.

Yes, the background is just a bit of css code. In your blog template where it has the BODY and BACKGROUND code...you need to add in css code for a background URL. You can google "css background" for tutorials. I found this cool background from Background Diva (link in the left sidebar over there).

Hope that helps. Email me if you need help. dragonflylane -AT- gmail.com