Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back to brainstorming

Remember the thank you magnets I include in my etsy orders?
Thank you gifts
I need to come up with something equally handmade and charming, but much less time consuming. The previous magnets include the tedious image transfers, at least 2 bakings, sanding to shape the edges...sometimes they are more labor intensive than the item purchased! So I've been brainstorming. Well....trying to brainstorm.

I adore the idea of clay embellished with beads and/or wire. I think they are a fabulous couple! And you KNOW how much I love black & white I thought a beaded border would be cute.

WRONG!! Not at all like I imagined. First I tried larger seed beads. Size 8/0's I think. They looked goofy. So here are the 11/0's. I don't like them either. Maybe b/c the magnet is too thick?
It reminds me of one of those rolling hand drums or something. I'm not quite sure what exactly it is...but I don't like it.

BUT!! I got to use the letter stamps I got back at xmas! LOL! Now...back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Landscape brainstorming

Honestly, it's so embarrassing to share pics of our house. I know it's a (HUGE) work in progress...and I know YOU know it's a WIP, but still.

Anyway, rather than destruction we are going for PROduction this time. In the form of a front flower bed. (to hopefully distract from this spring/summer's scraping of the house)

The left side shows Aaron's idea of swirving the bricks out and around the porch. The right side shows my frugal idea of a smaller front-only bed to save money. :) After looking at it, I was won over to Aaron's idea.

I would like to put 2 of those ornamental, spiral trees on either side of the porch. Should they be on the SIDES (hiding the steps)...or in front of the pillars...or sort of diagonally out from each pillar in the rounded part of the bricks???

We are so not landscapers. I'd love some suggestions!
I'm going to put colorful hanging baskets on the porch, as well as maybe a couple large potted plants. But I'm very open to any suggestions/ideas you might have!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The bling bling tree

A.K.A. the super gaudy, collaborative project with my kids.

bling bling tree

It's a little topiary made to fit a rectangle spot in the girls' shadow box. It's about 6" tall I'd guess. Originally it was not supposed to be But the kids wanted to help me decorate it, so each one got a side of the flower pot.

All the bling is courtesy of my generous, talented friend Scott. Thank you, Scott. :)
As if all the swarovski wasn't enough, everything is glittered from bird to flower pot. Because there can never be too much sparkle.

Lydia the non-gamer

I have a little clay project to post about, but I have to take pics later today. But first, a kid video to share. (Hey....I heard that groan...shoosh it!) ;)

The laptop came loaded w/this kiddie game where you practice following directions, in the form of making a duplicate cake. Shape, cake color, frosting color, decoration on top. If the cake is correct, it gets boxed up and put on the truck. If it's wrong, it drops in the trashcan.

Emily is an ace at this game. She loves it! Lydia wanted to try it. But Lydia isn't a "follower" sort of gal. LOL! Just watch!