Saturday, August 30, 2008

Amelia ANNE

Amelia Jane
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Edited Sunday a.m. now that my brain is awake. Her middle name is Anne. ANNE. Holy cow...middle of the nite last nite it occurred to me I blogged the wrong middle name. LOL!!!!! Ok, on to the original post:

We all made it back home about 5:30PM today. All of us including our newest family member, Miss Amelia Anne. (Poor girl didn't officially get a name until lunchtime today. LOL!)

Long story short (b/c I am so darn tired):
Labor and delivery went very well and quickly. Not quite as quickly as everyone expected, but as quickly as with Lydia. I had fantastic hospital staff taking care of me. Unfortunately the nursery staff was very hit-and-miss. I don't think I'd recommend this hospital to anyone I like, but that's a story for another day. :)

Amelia is doing wonderfully and currently sleeping soundly in her bed. She's such a sweetie pie. She's officially our tiniest and shortest baby. But she's got huge feet! LOL!

You can click on the picture to see a few more pics at flickr. These are the pics from my Mom's camera. (remember, our camera is dead) When I get copies of Granny's pictures I'll add more.

All the kids adore Amelia. Lydia is the most smitten and wants to hold and mother and love on her constantly. She even gets pissy when she can't. Hopefully once everyone gets rested and into a routine the emotions will settle down around here.

Of course, if this damn hurricane moves westward we might have to pack up family and retreat to our house in Oklahoma for a few days. I can't even wrap my brain around the hairy hectic mess that would be. OY!! But that decision will come tomorrow I guess.

Anyway....she's here, she's healthy, and we have all fallen in love all over again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wired Wednesday

Ok, so wired might be an exaggeration, but restless or antsy or spastic definitely apply. :) I think today calls for a lengthy bulleted post. Oh how I *heart* bulleted lists!
  • To get the obvious out of the way: 6am Friday is the induction. With any luck we will be proud parents of 4 by lunch time. And no we still don't have a definite name. LOL! She'll either be Amelia Anne or (thanks to an idea from my Mom) Abigail Renee. I'd place my bet on Amelia though. I like it better with our last name.
  • A few days ago our digital camera died. Well, the card reader part of it appears to be dead. It says the card needs to be formatted but it gives an error message instead of actually formatting it. I've tried 2 other cards and get the same result. BUMMER! At least we have the video camera. It takes totally crappy still pics, but it's better than nothing.
    ANYWAY...the last 3 pictures I took were documenting my O.C. condition. It seems I'm an O.C. embellisher. I can not help myself! I must embellish store bought things to give them more sparkle and pizzazz. For instance:
The wooden letters for the girls' door. Originally the girls painted them and had a good time doing that. But they looked like mud soup, so I repainted them and added glitter paint.

Granny recently bought 2 cute plaques for their room. There was nothing wrong with them, but to me they were "blah" and needed a girly touch. So I drilled holes in the top, made glittery PC flowers on coiled fun wire, and glued them in the holes. Oh, and I added white dots to the front and glittered them. :)

It's a poor picture. And unfortunately I can't get a better one to show the cute flower detail. The other plaque is pink and will have hearts and beads eventually. Doesn't look like it will be this week though!
  • Garrett is having a great 1st week at school. He's riding the bus w/his neighborhood friends, and seems to genuinely be enjoying his classes and the whole experience. It blows my mind that there are nearly 900 kids enrolled in K-4. In the tiny po-dunk town where I grew up there were probably 500 kids in K-12th!
  • I had a crazy small world moment yesterday. A fellow Etsy seller convo'd me to say Hi and that she noticed we lived in neighboring cities. I wrote back to tell her we actually live in the same city, but I had listed 3 area cities in my profile for a bigger 'shop local' audience. Then we discovered we both moved here in May. And THEN she told me what subdivision she lives's the same one WE live in! LOL!!! I haven't told her about the last part yet, but I will. Isn't that just a hoot?!
  • Ok, change of plans. The bulleted list is coming to an early close. I'm in need of a nap. I opened this post early this morning, and now it's 1pm. I've been cleaning house like a mad woman today and I've worn myself out. Lydia is napping (and it's not hard to snuggle w/Emily and get her asleep) so it's my opportunity for shut eye. I'm guessing the next time you hear from me will be this weekend w/baby pics or video. So....I'll see you all after my extreme weight loss weekend. LOL! Toodles!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thinking baby

Tuesday was my 38 week checkup. My doctor agreed to induce me next Friday (29th) if the baby hasn't come on her own by then. So I'm in full-on "to do list" mode. I've got clothes and bedding washed, car set is ready to go, all the family members are on high alert, I've pre-registered and toured the hospital, my bag is partially I do have several things done.
But we still need to:
  • Name the baby! That's the biggie. It's between Amelia and Abigail. (Abigail is a name I've wanted to use since I was probably 15. But it always gets pushed down the list when I start name hunting. 2 days ago I decided I really liked it again. LOL!) Last nite we flipped a coin about 50 times. I have this theory that whatever is "heads" will win in a best out of 10 contest every time. And my theory was proven about 80% right last nite! Anyway...Amelia won the coin toss. I think I like Amelia Anne (Wright) the best. And for some reason I sort of like Amelia Jane also. It's so simple and catchy. Like she's ready to be a famous Amelia someday. But I can't come up with anything for Abigail. 15 years ago I had Abigail Grace picked out, but we used Grace with Emily's name. You got any suggestions?!?? I should probably stop over analyzing the names and just go with Amelia already! LOL!
  • We need to stock up on newborn diapers. My SIL has sent a few packages of size 1, but those are too big for right now.
  • We also need replacement pads for the diaper warmer. With it being summer, this isn't crucial but the warm wipes do make for less unhappiness at diaper time. :)
  • And we need to replace the baby monitor system. The set we have now has seen us thru Emily and Lydia, but it just barely works anymore. Actually, it started working really poorly when Lydia was little.
  • It would also be nice to find her a cute, comfy, coming home outfit. All the hand-me-down newborn clothes are just onesies. Aaron's sis made the baby 2 adorable onesie dresses, but they are long sleeve. I'm thinking they'll be too warm for next week.
And in related to-do items....we need to get Garrett a few new shirts this weekend for school Monday. And pencils. I have all his supplies bought except for pencils. Oh...and a lunch bag. But I think that's it. I think. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jack-o-lady pin

At least I think she's a lady...she's wearing a sparkly, frilly skirt of a sort. :)
Jack-o-lady pin

This pin idea creeped into my mind two days ago. I woke up at 3:40am and never went back to sleep. So I had plenty of time to think that morning.
Her hat and her legs went thru a couple incarnations before I liked the end result. Initially her legs were long, tube shaped PC beads. And the hat was embellished with a seed beaded flower. Ironically enough the PC and the beads switched places in the end.

I don't even wear pins, but I want to keep this one. I really like her!

Monday, August 04, 2008

35 week comparison

I am ready for this roller coaster ride to be over. I've officially reached that antsy point where I'm over-analyzing every.stinking.thing my body is doing, in hopes of signs of labor. (Actually there are things going on...but it's way TMI to share on the public blog.) I'm trying to just chill and be as patient as possible, but patience has never been a virtue of mine. :)

What I want to see right now is that magic baby drop. But this bean has been riding low for a looong time now, so I'm hoping her drop is just not as visually dramatic as the others. (False hope is better than no hope, right?)
Today I found a picture from Lydia's pregnancy, and since I'm 35/36 weeks right now I decided to do a comparison shot. I really tried to make them as similar as possible.

So far I've gained the least weight with this baby. Not on purpose...just good fortune I guess. I don't feel it, but it shows in the comparison. Sadly, I don't think she looks like she's dropped. :( It just looks like a smaller fat belly than last time.

What do you think? Feel free to fabricate some lie to boost my spirits and give me false hope. ;)

Friday, August 01, 2008

Pumpkin Puppy Pin

Yesterday I woke up about 5:15 and could never get back to sleep. So I had lots of quiet thinking time before the kids woke up. Halloween was one of the many things on my mind, and I pictured this little guy as a fun, holiday pin. In my mind he was dressed up as a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. In reality he sort of looks like he's hiding behind a pumpkin. :) But nevertheless I think he turned out pretty cute.

He's very petite. Only 1 3/8" tall. I'm sending him to my Mom. She's all about the dogs. And since I didn't jack-o-lantern the pumpkin he's more of a Fall pin instead of just Halloween. More wear time!

And in unrelated news: The baby name pool is dwindling. We're talking about Amelia and Sophia. Middle names of Rose or maybe Anne. We also considered Audrey for a day, but it doesn't go with the flow like the other 2.