Wednesday, June 02, 2010


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I started this over a year ago. So today when I started looking for a "first project", I knew I should finish Olivia. :) Except for my terrible sewing skills I think she turned out great! Tomorrow she gets a proper stand.

This time I made clay arms instead of embroidery thread over the wire armature.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Fireplace makeover

Hello neglected blog! It's been over a year since I've blogged and over a year since I've done anything crafty! I'm surprised I haven't had to be hospitalized! :)

I'm excited to share my inexpensive fireplace makeover!
This is a low/no traffic area (b/c I rarely dust!). I don't think this technique would hold up to regular foot traffic, but for our fireplace tiles it seems to be sturdy enough.

After cleaning and vacuuming, I taped and papered the area. Old wrapping paper made the perfect FREE protective paper!

Two cans of white primer spray paint covered the dingy old peach tiles. $6.00!

A stiff stenciling paintbrush, inexpensive acrylic paints (white, gray, black, silver metallic), and some white holographic glitter were the only materials I needed. I painted each tile individually so they looked unique and more realistic. Each tile got a small sprinkle of glitter before the paint dried. Because the world can never have too much glitter!

Oh yea, I also used a small detail brush. Painted a white "grout" line between all the tiles. Then I sprayed on 2 cans of clear gloss paint.

And to husband doubted my crafty skills! :) This was thrify, inexpensive and only took a couple days. (even with my army of children underfoot)

4 cans of spray paint - $12.00
3 bottles of acrylic paint - $3.00
2 paint brushes - $5.00 (this was a LARGE combo I have 20 xtra brushes for future projects!)

Everything else I had on hand. So for $20.00 we have a new tile job! Beats the heck out of several hundred dollars Hubby would spend to rip out the old and replace with new. :)