Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jack-o-lady pin

At least I think she's a lady...she's wearing a sparkly, frilly skirt of a sort. :)
Jack-o-lady pin

This pin idea creeped into my mind two days ago. I woke up at 3:40am and never went back to sleep. So I had plenty of time to think that morning.
Her hat and her legs went thru a couple incarnations before I liked the end result. Initially her legs were long, tube shaped PC beads. And the hat was embellished with a seed beaded flower. Ironically enough the PC and the beads switched places in the end.

I don't even wear pins, but I want to keep this one. I really like her!


Gina said...

So cute!! You come up with the best ideas.

Nesiejean said...

I may have to change my opinion of Halloween (it's never been my fav) after seeing your art. This lady is adorable.

When you hadn't posted in awhile, I thought maybe you were busy with another kind of labor =0)

Michael said...

Love it! Those beaded legs are perfect-- look just like striped stockings!

Christie said...

Thank you x3! :)

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

She is just so sweet Christie I can see why you want to keep her!!