Friday, April 18, 2008


How long has it been since I've blogged about anything polymer clay related that I created?! A long damn time! LOL!
I did not blaze any new PC trails but at least I MADE something. :)

A custom set of stitch markers for a very sweet and patient Etsier. I had forgot how tedious those bugs are. Those teeny tiny black balls required for all the spots. They are like large grains of sand. Ho.Lee.Cow.

Here is a pair of earrings I made last week. An extremely belated bday gift for Mom.

Seriously belated. Her bday was February. LOL! I had made her a soldered pair of earrings that looked really cool in my mind...but didn't quite cut it in real life. These look so incredibly cute on Mom. The size and dangle factor are perfect for her cute head.

This will be my first and last crafty post for a while. Today I'm packing up the Happy Room. :( May 2nd is our move-in date at our new house. It's killing us to pay $350 more a month to rent about 700 fewer square feet of house than we live in now's in the school district we wanted and the overall package is really nice. So we'll deal w/the pocketbook pain for now. Plus it had a dishwasher! I've been w/out dishwasher since October. So I'll enjoy that for sure.

So.....I'll still be "around" but not for a while. I'm checking my google reader when I can, so those of you with blogs may see me pop in now and then. Later taters!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Progession of destruction

It's raining. A steady rain that is forecasted to last another day or two.
We have had a leak in the Happy Room since we moved in. A minor drip type leak. The past water damage is quite extensive (flaking ceiling texture, damaged plaster, water spots) but when it actually leaks it's very manageable. During earlier rains Aaron poked a few screwdriver holes in the drippy area in hopes of concentrating the drips to that spot. (The drips sort of moved around a few long cracks in the plaster.) The little holes didn't work. :)

Today the rains brought back the drips. I decided to get on the ladder and pull off the moist plaster around the drip. It was starting to fall to the floor anyway. So I broke off the moist areas until I had made a sizable hole, but at least it was far enough away from the drip that the plaster was staying dry.

Then I got my broom and cleaned up what plaster missed the xtra large trash bag. No harm done really.

I then decided to sweep the ceiling a bit to break away a few little pieces of dangling ceiling texture. Totally innocent idea, right? That is what caused some additional plaster to fall to the floor. Being the Captain Destructo that I am (insert trumpeting music and red cape rippling in the breeze)...I decided to poke the perimeter of the hole with my broom handle and see what else easily fell off.

A poke quickly progressed to full aggressive jabbing. (Demolition is fun!) A short time later I had covered the floor with debris and made this lovely hole in the ceiling.

You can see the original screwdriver holes in the top blue circle. The bottom blue circle is my estimate of the hole before I started breaking away moist plaster today. Isn't is odd where good intentions can lead you?! They can either get you absolutely nowhere...or smack in the middle of a huge mess.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The bedroom that isn't

Do you remember, during the initial tour of the house, the big brown room? It has been a storage room and is currently the wood working room. But after we leave it will be Mom's bedroom. Hard to believe looking at it today:

That picture makes you a little woozy, doesn't it?! :)

The biggest task will be cleaning it out. Luckily all that heavy machinery is not my problem. :) We had plans to make this our master bedroom suite some day. Expand the bathroom a little and build a closet. But now the new plan is to make the room squeaky clean and build some simpler hanging clothes space. Here's the view from the other end of the room:

Oh yeah, the crappy hollow core door (to the backyard) will be replaced. Not this week of course. The backdoor and the closet will happen on a weekend in the near future. Aaron intends to drive home on the weekends. 860 miles round trip. Ouch.

Visual progress

Just before we leave. Greeeeat. :)

Remember the damage that occurred because of the releveling? Remember this hole in the living room?

It got much bigger the day after I took that picture. (Actually, I took a few WIP pictures this week as the entire wall came down but they have vanished. I must have deleted them by accident when I was cleaning vacation pics off the camera. GGRRR!!) Anyway...this hole got bigger and looked exactly like a reversed image of the state of Texas. We joked about it for weeks and THEN...Texas jumped into our future. It was a sign! Like in Final Destination! OY! I should have taken a sledge hammer to that wall weeks ago.

Ok, back to the subject at hand. Visual progress.
We had fun tearing down the entire wall and Aaron has almost finished replacing it.

You can see the adjacent wall is getting plaster repairs. As are many many other walls in the house. They should be paintable soon.

And since Mom is moving in with a plethora of pooches, there is a new fence going up around the backyard.

It has been a rainy week, so it's not complete yet. Rain or not, I'm sure he'll be out working on it today and tomorrow after work. He leaves Saturday.
That gate cracks me up. Those metal gussets are aviation grade aluminum. He made them at work. That is the same material they use to repair and modify the skins of airplanes. These gates will be air worthy. LOL!

The fence goes down the side street to the alley and around the back of the storage shed. This picture shows how much is left to complete. It will run down the alley and meet up with the neighbors white fence (just barely visible on the left).

(That is the neighbor's sweet dog coming over to say hi.) There will be a large double gate somewhere in that span. In the front of the house, between the side of our garage and the neighbor's white fence there will be a gate. It's a narrow walkway. That gate will completely close in the backyard.
A lot to complete in only 2 short, rainy evenings. May the force be with him!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

40" inseam?

I can not possibly comprehend standing at 6'6" tall. I *grew up* to be a whopping 5'2". And until I had my 2nd baby I pretty much maintained my ballet dancer size. So all my clothing problems revolved around pants being too long and all the *grown up* shoes being 3 sizes too big. It wasn't until marrying Aaron that I caught a glimpse of life on the other end of the size spectrum.

The man needs jeans with a 40 inch inseam! Have you ever shopped for 40" inseam jeans?! From what we have found they are almost a figment of a wild imagination. Shopping "big & tall" is a joke. That's code word for fat guy clothes. I've spent the last 3 hours surfing for Aaron some jeans. So far no luck. Well, no luck finding anything NEW.

From what he's found there are 2 brands of jeans that make a 40" length. Wrangler and Cinch. Right now he wears Cinch jeans. As you can see they are sold as cowboy jeans. Since boot wearing fellows like their jeans to stack up at the bottom these jeans work well for Aaron. Only his don't stack...they just rest nicely atop his tennis shoes and don't high-water. :) Cinch jeans don't look as cowboy-ish as Wranglers. We don't do cowboy. :)

By any chance do you know of another brand of freakishly long jeans? I wonder where Michael Jordan shops? HA!! I'm sure his closet is full of specialty made pants. Aside from his underwear I don't think we can afford his clothes. :)