Friday, February 08, 2008

Revisiting an old idea

Several years ago (it was 2004...I just checked...time flies!) I sold a handful of beaded stretchy bracelets on ebay. At that time I was seed beading and I was very fond of the netted patterns. I had made myself a couple netted bracelets with closures, but I wanted a casual, tighter, stretchy one! So I sat down with my favorite seed beading book, a pencil & paper, and worked out how to adapt my favorite pattern into a continuous stretchy bracelet.

I tried several color combos which resulted in the ebay items. But my ADD kicked in and I never made any more. Until a couple weeks ago! I wanted to do something creative, but I didn't have the "umph" to move my grumpy ass to the Happy Room. So I decided to revisit the old bracelet idea. I can sit on the couch, under a blanket, and bead a little at a time. :) I made this pretty green one first:

I don't know the exact color name of those green seed beads...but they are luscious. They always make me think of a forest. More specifically the lush, rich, fern abundant forests we used to hike in Washington. God I miss it there!

ANYWAY...that bracelet was fun so I made another. And I managed to incorporate some tiny little clay beads with it. Score! :) It's not quite finished yet. But I hope to be sharing pics of it soon.

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France said...

I quite like the green bracelet actually!!!