Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Create Mosaic Pendant
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I mentioned um...weeks ago that I was going to blog about a newly discovered PC artist. Well here I am finally DOING it. I'm looking back at my flickr mail right now...I discovered Juliespace on December 5th. Boy I'm a slacker! LOL!

Anyway! I noticed Julie's mosaic jewelry first on flickr. I enjoy how she uses the clay WITH other types of items. Very nifty stuff.
She also makes these happy flower spirit sticks that make me smile. As well as! Recent additions of neptune and green man pendants. She doesn't have just one "style" which I always enjoy. I *heart* eclectic. :) I think you'll enjoy her flickr or her etsy shop.

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julie said...

Hey! thanks so much for the nice write up. Great blog. I like the cupid treasury you did :)