Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summery sherbert donuts?

Obviously I could use some help naming these new earrings. LOL!
Donut bead cluster earrings
I think I'm going to play around with this design a little more. I like all the color possibilities.
The teeny little donut beads are a custom mix of translucent clay with inclusions. I originally made a couple larger beads with the new mix, but sadly the "quirky new shape" idea was a flop. But the inclusions really showed up nicely in the larger beads. Maybe I'll try it again for some pendants.

Anyway...I like it when ideas come to life. And I love bead clusters! I was letting the girls play in a box of old craft show jewelry leftovers recently, and I discovered some of my first cluster earrings. I was making trendy bead cluster earrings many years ago before they were all over Etsy. Go me! LOL!

Actually, I've been sifting thru lots of old jewelry and beads lately. I had forgotten that once upon a time (before internet surfing) I had lots of cool, unique jewelry and bead design ideas. The old stuff is pretty crude but the design ideas are there. I want to start revisiting those old ideas. It could be fun.


Susan Turney said...

Christie, I love them. The colors are scrumptious!!!! How about " Peach, Avacado Salsa" or "Kiwi, Mango" or "Jalapeno, Bloodorange" :)
...or maybe Beautiful earrings!!!

Julz said...

These are so cheerful!
They remind me of lollies (you guys call it candy, i think) called fruit tingles!!! So that what i suggest for a name...fruit tingles!

Anonymous said...

Tequila and lime.........They look like Life Savers and I thought of lime with Tequila. Guess you can tell where my mind is at. :) You are so talented. M And were do the cute clusters a long time ago....YEA You!!!
Love them!!! Mom

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

That's a good idea to re-work your old designs. The original ideas you get are usually inspired ideas and are worth revisiting when your skill set is better! Love these earrings, super fun!