Saturday, May 31, 2008

The new Warrior

Since the move we've been a one car family. And thanks to the crazy price of gas, Aaron's new work vehicle is a motorcycle. He's had a couple bikes in the past and has been itching for another. Since we've been spending nearly $100/week on gas, I didn't complain too much about the new bike. I mean, it gets 52 mpg!

Anyway...he got it Thursday. Today he gave the girls rides around our neighborhood. They loved it.
Dad and Emily
Dad and Lydia

Garrett was playing at his friend's house or he might have gone too. I say might...he's like his Mom and has NO desire to ride a motorcycle. :)

Here's a shot of the side profile. Isn't it a handsome bike?
New bike

FYI: You can click on any of those and see bigger pics at flickr.
Also FYI: They only rode around our little 2 street neighborhood. So please no 'you suck as a parent' emails. Thanks. :) AND Aaron rides with long pants, real shoes, and a helmet at all times. He's like the posterboy for motorcycle safety when he's really riding. Just so you know. :)

Skirt buttons, round 1

A few months ago I found Emily a cute, denim skort at a second-hand store. It looks new except for one missing button. (there are 3 total) I knew right away that I would make 3 new PC buttons for it. I mean, WHY spend 5 minutes on the button isle at W@lmart when I can spend days or weeks experimenting w/PC buttons, right? :)

Recently Mossy Owl blogged about all her fabulous new button creations and it inspired me to finally stop procrastinating and make those 3 buttons. I decided on light blue buttons that I would white wash. I wanted cute but understated so that the skort could be worn with any color shirt.

I really like the buttons, but they don't look good on the skort.
Blue flower buttons
The white wash didn't work for me either. So that had to go. But the buttons came out really cute, I think. I may put them in the Etsy store b/c I don't sew, so they certainly won't get used at my house. LOL!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

First soldered pendant

I have a tendency to 'jump in the deep end' when I try a new hobby. When I first picked up polymer clay I did so with the intention of making caned beads (for my hemp jewelry). So I picked up a copy of Nan Roche's book on ebay and with my SIII I made a ladybug cane.

Actually, I think I made a spiral jellyroll cane first. But this was my 2nd cane ever, so I didn't wade in the kiddie pool for long. :)

My first seed beading project was the same way. I went to the local bead shop and bought Creative Bead Weaving, a bunch of delicas, and went home to make this square stitch bracelet.

I even drew my own geometric patterns on graph paper and used my original pattern. That sucker took me forEVER. I never wore it. It's way too big for me. But I keep it for sentimental reasons. :)

Now for the subject of this post. My latest *buy a book and attempt the hardest project* project. LOL! The lupin pendant from Silver Threads.

It has been complete for several months now, but just today I saw it and decided to photograph it. It's not bad for a first big soldering project, I think. I made a little faux stone cab for it. Today I realized that I need to sand and buff the cab more. It's not nearly shiny enough. But the mica powders still give such a cool iridescent effect.

I have not glued the cab into place yet. As a matter of fact, it fell out several times while I tried to take pics. I may make a totally different cab for it yet.

The pendant is 2 1/8" tall by 1" wide. Do you think I should oxidize it?

I'm saving up my pennies (a.k.a. Etsy sales) for a tumbler. Once I buy one I will try more solder projects. I'd like to get it for polishing AND strengthening the finished pieces. Until then I think I'll just stick to my trusty clay. I'm getting too fat and pregnant to be jumping off the deep end right now. ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bag lady Emily

bag lady Emily
I always accuse Emily of acting like a bag lady. When she moves from room to room, or goes to the bathroom (this particular one drives me NUTS) she gathers up everything she's been playing with and takes it with her.

I couldn't resist capturing today's bag lady moment. Here she is in her sleeping shirt (at 4pm in the afternoon), her little sister's pants, a baby toboggan, a tiara, and mis-matched high heel shoes. WITH her shopping cart no less! Now all she needs is a pink glittery bridge to live under. LOL!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rainbow group

Rainbow group
Originally uploaded by ~Christie
I've had these guys sitting on the happy table over a week now. I think I'm the slowest clayer ever. LOL! Didn't I say, not too long ago, that I was not making lady bugs anymore? They are so cute I couldn't resist. Besides, I *cheated* by painting on all the spots. I still made 24 tiny white clay balls and 24 minuscule black clay balls for all the eyes. :)

All these little guys are going to be new sets of stitch markers. They should make the etsy store nice and colorful!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rainy days and Mondays

I almost waited too long to make this post on Monday. The afternoon and evening just got away from me.

Anyway, here's a new pair of earrings appearing in the Etsy store today.
This is one of those rare times the creation materialized almost exactly like my mental image. Woohoo! :) I really like these earrings. They are shiny and sparkly and whimsical but not too weird to wear. At least not in my opinion.

While I made them I kept humming Winnie the Pooh's song...oh I'm just a little black rain cloud hovering over the honey tree. Except I sang blue instead of black. :) It was after I'd grown tired of that song that I started humming The Carpenter's song. LOL!

I used some of the fabulous glittery white Fimo in the blue mixture. (I think ALL colors of clay should come in that fantastic glitter version. I love that stuff!) I love the glitter but Fimo Soft is like working with butter. So frustrating. If I ever make more cloud earrings it will be w/out Fimo Soft.

The swirly cloud design is a revisited idea. A little over a year ago I experimented with fun wire and TLS to make this magnet for a weekly Claypen chat.

The clouds and the rainbow are just TLS inside wire borders. Then I raised them off the yellow background with tiny clay spacers. In real life it gives a nice 3D effect. Anyway, I like the swirly cartoon clouds. They are a reoccurring doodle in my idea notebook.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Leafy stitch markers

Leafy stitch markers I rediscovered these leaf canes in my cane box and decided to reduce them and give them new life as stitch markers. I so enjoy leaf canes. I'm sure it has something to do with my love for trees.
You know, the blue and purple leaf canes were an unfinished idea of mine. (90% of my ideas end up that way) I had planned to make a cane of each primary color and make a rainbow tree! Except it was going to be this elaborate 3-dimensional sculpted tree. *sigh* It has the potential to be really cool...if it ever comes to life someday. :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life in the South

I've lived nearly my entire life in 'the south'. This time I've only traveled one state further south, but it's certainly different down here.

Little gecko lizards run around here like grasshoppers did in Okla. Luckily I'm not squeamish about geckos but it still takes some getting used to!

Snakes! Apparently snakes (venomous ones) are also common here. This is a neighbor I am not willing to get to know. There was one living under our AC unit (outside!!) when we moved in. Aaron killed it straight away. The kids receive regular reminders about snakes and staying away from them.

Humidity! The temperature and the humidity level are usually equal. Ugh. I'm going to start referring to this place as The Amazon. It's just...ew.

So far one thing I do enjoy is all the trees. I loooooove trees. This area is very tree covered. So when I'm looking out my windows (I am NOT going outside in the humidity) I see nothing but trees. That makes me smile. :)

We live in a lake city. We do not have a boat, but it's nice to see water and boats everywhere.
We are close enough to Houston that all the cities run end to end basically. This makes for lots of shopping. Right now there is no shopping money available, but when there is...look out! :)

We are close to a major metro, but far enough away that it has been nearly impossible to get internet and cable tv!! It has been a huge frustration! Right now I'm online thanks to my FIL's wireless GSM card. I've been here nearly 2 weeks with no internet, tv, or phone. I was *this close* to a stutter and a violent twitch. I'm not joking. I'm hoping to have service started next week. Hope! Thanks to FIL's card at least I won't need medication or therapy first.

I've spent the last couple days at the clay table. Yay! I've even made several things. The no contact with the outside world thing has given me lots of free time. LOL! That and it's so much easier keeping this smaller house clean! Anyway, I'll take pictures and get my Etsy store going again soon. It's so nice to sit at that table and piddle all day!

One picture I do have tonight is of Miss Emily. She turned 3 yesterday! Here she is showing off some new shoes. Every girl needs a pair of pink feathered shoes!