Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kleancolor Metallic pink

 Kleancolor Metallic Pink 158 is awesome!  For starters, it's a one-coater.  I have not taken it off yet, so it may stain my nails horribly but I don't care.  My nails are never nekkid anyway.  :)
It's a bright, hot pink!! (see ring finger) Not a meek color.  Would be a great toe color.

I read many reviews about the stinkiness of Kleancolor polish.  My opinion?  Yes, it stinks.  It's nail polish!  It has a different smell than other polishes...but they ALL stink.  You don't see Glade offering a Harvest Spice & Orange Nail Polish scent.  :)
 Here is Pink Holo 134 over all but the ring finger.  Really pretty rainbow sparkly glitters.  Slightly gritty, but a fast dry  top coat fixed the texture issue.
Speaking of drying...the metallics dry quickly.  The holos and glitters are slow, and take forever to become "dent" resistant. 
 This mani is crazy bright & vibrant.  I wish I were a better photographer!
Here is Pinky Moon 30.  It takes some digging and luck to get a crescent, but it is worth it.  Super cute!


Anonymous said...

I found a seller on who's using your image in this blog entry for her listing:

I don't know if you wish to take any action, but I just wanted you to know.

Holly said...

Er, I forgot if I actually posted the link, sorry:

Christie said...

Well that SUCKS! Thanks Holly, for taking the time to let me know! Guess I need to edit and watermark all these old pics. I didn't think they were good enough for anyone to want to steal! LOL