Friday, June 06, 2008

Bracelet for Mom

I made some prototype beads a couple weeks ago. It all started with one little sculpted bead that I planned to make a mold of. I did not get a great mold made so I started using the bead as a stamp. The first stamped prototypes were in earthy browns. (I didn't like them.) So I opted to try black with orange. This way IF they turned out cute, my Mom could get a new OSU bracelet out of the experiment. :)

Bracelet for Mom
(It's hard to photograph a floppy bracelet that doesn't fit my own wrist! I took a dozen shots and these 3 were the least sucky.)

Originally I had planned on a simple, casual, stretchy bracelet. Then I decided to try and dress up the beads with lots of silver. I didn't have any silver beads that thrilled me, so I pulled out the wire.
Overall I like the bracelet. It's totally swirly and that always pleases me. But I am concerned with how well it will wear. I was going for low-profile and comfy for typing/computer work. There is a lot of tangle potential with all those S-swirls and jumprings only time will tell if my guinea pig, er..Mom, finds it a comfortable piece of jewelry.

Have I mentioned I'm not a jewelry designer?! I'm a bead maker. I suck at designing and engineering finished pieces of jewelry. I just don't *see* it. (I can't decorate my house either!) So I will probably try more of the little flower beads with different bracelet ideas. Probably. Well, maybe. I've got a brand new page of idea sketches sitting on the clay table that are begging to be tried. (ADD strikes again!) :)


Ginny Baker said...

Hi Christie,

I LOVE your new orange and black beads. I think they came out great! Just wanted to stop by and thank you here in case you don't see the comment I left for you on my blog. I really appreciated your sweet comment on my faux cloisonne. I've enjoyed your blog. I'll be adding it to my list of blogs I enjoy checking out on a regular basis. :o)

Wishing you all the best,

bearyluvable52 said...

LOVE IT!!! And I'm thrilled it's not a stretchy bracelet, but then you know how I feel about stretchies. :) You did a great job and I think you design really pretty jewelry...always have!!! I'm sure it won't be a problem wearing it to work and working on the computer...not like I move all that fast. :o) Thank for letting me be try it out. LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! And love you too...BUNCHES. Mom

bearyluvable52 said...

From the poor grammer in that last post, you might think I don't spend all that much time on a computer. :o)
Love ya! Mom

shoozles said...

you make me laugh when you say you are not a jewelry designer LOL really you are :)