Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Crafting ADD has is advantages. There is a wide array of WIPs on the clay table at all times.

When I was in the mood to try sculpting shrunken heads:

Not bad, since they are my first face sculpts. Not necessarily good either. :)
Shrunken Barbie, is still uncooked, but she has her pearl earrings on! Tribal man is baked and pierced. He was the 1st one I made, using a googled shrunken head image as my guide. I found an old wood bead hoop earring that made a nice display handle for him.
The last guy is just anglo-saxon man for now. Again I used a google pic as a guide. But somewhere in the process of head #3 I saw.....OH! sparkly!! New idea!!

What was I talking about??

In a happy accident I made batik! Sort of.

I was smooshing an old chrysanthemum cane to use for scrap, and the patterns and colors were really pretty. So I layered it up, mokume gane style, and came up with this. The blues go well in the downstairs bath, so...score!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Many many minis

Photo heavy post!

Been making tiny things for the little terrariums. Sometimes I feel like birdies and mushrooms.

Some days are a snail's pace.

It's an invasion!

A little school spirited bear for my favorite Mom. :)

Gnomes waiting for clothes.

The smallest one so far. In a glass salt shaker.

The gnomes are now dressed in bright colors and glitter. And a tiny swarm of sparkly dragonflies are in the oven. More pics soon!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Terrariums & clay

In the midst of random surfing I came upon pictures of small terrariums. I love terrariums! Always have. But they've been on the backburner in my brain. That's when it dawned on me....I love making miniatures...I love terrariums....I'll combine the two!

Here is my start of a new adventure. I have dozens of ideas already sketched out. My inner me is the most balanced when I'm being creative. So here's to the hope of a more peaceful, happy me! :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clay covered drawer handle

It's been a very long time, but I found my way back to the clay table. Yay! The downstairs bath is getting a facelift. An inexpensive facelift. Which means, my husband has to stay OUT of it! No tearing out walls, ceiling tiles (no matter how ugly they are), absolutely NO DEMO. It is simply "polishing the turd". I love that ladylike saying. :)

The dark brown cabinet is now white.

The shower curtain is the new color palette. Since monitor colors vary, it's 4 different stripe colors: pale, medium, and dark navy blue. And a turquoise blue that matches the rug, that is being guarded by cute girl.
The little bit of brown paneling on the wall is now white also.

Here is the 1st draft drawer handle:
Stamped with micro beads pushed in along the design.

Then with white paint. The only thing I DON'T like...the paint takes away from the shininess of the micro beads. Next time I will try to keep the paint away from the bead holes.

One last (blurry) pic of it on the drawer. What do you think? I like it. I don't loooove it. But I think it's cute enough to stay. The soft, whimsical look is a nice contrast to the straight stripes on the shower curtain.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Switching Gears - COUPONS!

This crafty blog has been vacant a long time! Did not realize how long. *color me sheepish*
My creative juices have been sucked from my body. Most unwillingly. I get zero enjoyment, and mostly frustration, in the happy room these days. :( So it's now..
The coupon room.

Today was my 1st grocery trip with shoebox and notepad in hand. Oh.My.Lands. I'm not a patient person on a good day. I want to have a small 3x5 list, my kid, purse, and get it done as quickly as possible.

That is sooo not the coupon shoppers way!

I'm sure the pros are well-oiled machines. But best case scenario...I like my way better! :)

Today @ Crest on NW 23rd I found:

3 pair flip flops @ Crest for .99/EA. Tongue out to you, Old Navy, I won't be braving crowds for your shoes this weekend. :)
Wheat Thins Stix for .74/EA with coupon.
Dawn dish soap .49 wc
3 Tony's mini pizza .91ea wb
New York toast $1.50 w peelie on box
6 Hamburger Helpers $1ea wc

Nothing earth shattering, but it's a start I guess.