Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bird Legs & new video

Take a look at my new favorite creation:

Aren't they cute?! I just adore them. The little wire legs swing independently of each other for some fun movement. I'm going to list them in the Etsy store (as soon as the camera batteries charge and I get a couple more good pics) but I think I need a pair for myself also. :)

I've been busy making my skull beads again. Halloween (and with it Halloweeny jewelry!) is just around the corner! Last year, September was a good month for selling my skull beads. But this September I'm going to be a liiittle bit busy. (with the newborn baby and all) So I'm trying to get a jump on things and I'm listing them now thru August. Or until baby arrives, should she decide to come early.

Anyway...I also made a little show n' tell video about the beads. And it accidentally turned into a little mini tutorial in the middle of the video. I get lots of questions about how to poke holes in raw beads without distorting the bead shape...so I went into a little detail about how I do it.
So here's a show n' tell AND mini tute video. It's been a while!


Libby said...

Great earrings! I love the little swingy legs.

Angela said...

Someone was just asking me the other day the best way to pierce beads. I'll send 'em to your excellent video.

Love the special guest appearances -- too cute!

Anonymous said...

That was so neat. I love your videos. I'm not even a clayer, but I like watching them. :)

The girls are adorable and did I catch a "she" in there? ;) I can't remember you saying the bean was a she. I swear my memory was killed when I was on those heart meds. :-/

Miss you!

Michael said...

Those earrings are great! Very nice video, too! :o)

Susan Turney said...

Hi Christie!
The bird earrings are darling but the video with "nose" was adorable. The girls are sooooo cute!!!!!

Nissa said...

The birdies are darling!

Claylady43 said...

Christie, What a great video and the swinging birdie legs are darling!! Thanks so much.
Penni Jo

PS, your backup crew are sooooo sweet.

Jael said...

Those are way too cute!!!


Liad said...

Extremely cute!And very adorable.

Liad said...

How did you do them that small?