Thursday, November 20, 2008

Felt clippies

I've finished a whole three clippies for the girls. Look out! I'm on fire! :)

Here they are in chronological order, left to right.
Felt clippies
They are getting better. The 1st one is not great, but it still looks cute in Lydia's hair. I'm getting better cutting out the teeny flowers. I got a new pair of teeny, pointy scissors...I hope they will make cutting easier next time.

After I choose the felt colors I let the girls pick the shape they want, and they pick the seed beads. And they crowd in around me to watch me stitch and drive me nuts. So it's a group effort. :) I'll slowly make more to match their wardrobe.


Michael said...

Pretty! I bet that being involved in the creation makes them love the barrettes even more. :o)

And yes, I think the small, pointy scissors will help. At least, I like my tiny scissors best for cutting small felt shapes.

Sioux said...

I just watched one of your tutorials and really enjoyed it. Noticed you are in Texas, too.

You have a lovely family!