Monday, March 05, 2012

Catherine Arley holographic polish swatches

February 2nd I ordered Catherine Arley polishes from  I learned about the polish and the vender from Emerald Sparkled and DROOLED over the swatches at Fashion Polish.  (seriously, grab a tissue)

The customer service at BeautyCosmetic.Biz was awesome.  I payed via Paypal, and my polishes arrived today (just a little over 1 month later) perfectly in tact.  I think that's an appropriate wait time for a shipment to make the long trek, through customs, from Bulgaria to Oklahoma, USA.  I had to sign for the USPS delivery, so I'm glad I was home.

BeautyCosmetic.Biz was out of a few colors I had hoped to buy, but I still managed to get 8 colors!!  Here are the first 4:
#666 - 667 - 668 - 672
This is 2 coats.  I was surprised how sheer and light they were, but 2 coats made perfect coverage.  No top coat in these pics.  I could hardly wait until they were DRY to take pics...forget waiting on a top coat!

In indirect light they look like normal, pretty colors.  In direct light they come to life like sparkly rainbow parties!!  I wish I was able to capture how gorgeous they are in the pics.

#672 - 668 - 667 - 666

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