Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mini Snowmen Earrings

Mini snowmen earrings
I got the urge to make my teeny snowmen earrings. I made 3 pair in one day. That is like...huge for me. :) Not only for the multiple children making distractions factor, but also because I have the attention span of a gnat! :)

Anyway....I really enjoy making the little guys. Snowmen are my MOST favorite winter thing. And last year's earrings were a big hit. So I'm giving it another go this year. Would anyone like to place bets as to how many pair I can make before the ADD kicks in? I'll put my money on about....6 pair total. LOL!

They will be up for adoption in my etsy store. :)


Gina said...

Those are adorable! Did you make some last year, or am I losing my mind? LOL

You know what would be cute!? Gingerbread people. :D

catherien said...

Awww Christie! Those are way way too cute!