Saturday, November 17, 2007

Been away

Fah fah with 2 broken computers and no internet! **gasp** I'm not sure if it was Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, but the laptop battery DIED. Like died died. And we couldn't find one locally so Aaron ordered one online. He comparison shopped and bought one that was $100 instead of $150. That's great...but apparently this company is not johnny on the spot with the shipping.
Anyway, over a month ago the desktop computer died. It gives me this windows\drivers\pci.sys file is missing or corrupt error message. And I can't find the XP cds ANYWHERE!!! But it wasn't a huge big deal b/c we had the laptop. Until Tuesday!

Mom, bless her heart, brought over her laptop today. I've downloaded and burned that pci.sys file to a CD but I can't seem to get the desktop fixed. I am sooooo not computer saavy in that way. So I'm guessing it will remain broken until we can find the XP disk.

How many times can I roll my eyes? :) Anyway, it's just fortunate for me that google has merged with a half dozen companies or I wouldnt' even be able to log into blogger! Without my firefox cookies I'm lost! LOL!

I had just taken pics of a new pendant I made when the laptop died. I still have them on the flash card but I can't resize them, so I'll wait to share those later. I really just wanted to pop in and say Hi! And thank you all who sent bday wishes! I really appreciate it! :) See you later taters...

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Gina said...

Dang computers anyways! Good to see you! =)