Monday, November 19, 2007

I see trees of green

Sorry, no red roses too. I don't care much for roses. :)

I am still using Mom's laptop (Thank you Mom!!) but I've discovered I can use my PhotoImpact program via the portable hard drive backup doo-hickey Aaron bought last week. Yay for USB connections! :) is a picture of the new pendant I made last week:
Green Jeweled Tree

It was definitely an evolving idea. I sat down intending to make a wire and jewel xmas tree pendant. I wasn't feeling that shape. So I pulled out my idea book and made this from an old sketched idea. I'm pleased with how it turned out. I used gold filled wire and vintage swarovski rhinestones from my pal Scott. (check out his Etsy shop for great swarovski supplies!) I used gold and copper mica powders for the earth below and tree and around the edges. If I wore gold jewelry I would be keeping this one! :) I imagine it hooked to two seperate pieces of chain. But I'll be putting it on Etsy soon and let someone else decide how to use it. :)

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Kim Cavender said...

I love your new pendant, C! And the title is very cool. Hope your computer troubles are fixed soon. Just so you know, you can misspell my name anytime! LOL!