Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sweet little girls

After posting my snowmen earrings, my friend Gina suggested gingerbread earrings would be cute...and she was right! :)
Gingerbread girl earrings
They went thru a few different body shapes before I settled on this one, but I like how they turned out. This pair went to Etsy. I have a 2nd pair almost finished on the clay table. They make me smile. Thank you Gina for sharing your idea! ;)

Now let me share a few pics of my favorite sweet little girls. I had not intended to take pictures of them today, but the kodak moment just presented itself so I started snapping! I have about a dozen funny not-quite shots, but here are the best ones.
Here's my beautiful Miss Emily.

I am THRILLED to have not one, but two, good pics of Miss Lydia smiling! I have not been able to capture this smile since she started sprouting teeth!

And one last shot...this one of them both. I shall call them Thing 1 and Thing 2. Because they are that ornery. :)


Gina said...

Oh my gosh! The gingerbread earrings are so darn cute!

And speaking of cute.. your girls are adorable.

Emily does not look much like a toddler anymore at all, and Lydia is definitely not a baby anymore. They are both so sweet. I want to squish them! Gently, of course! :)

Scott said...

Finally had a chance to catch up on your blog... and I thought I was way too busy.
Glad things are starting to take shape with the house, lovin that fireplace / stove.
How you find time to create these wonderful items I don't know but keep up the excellent work!
The pictures of Emily and Lydia are precious, they are growing and changing so fast.
Take care and stay warm!

Susan said...

Christie, they are sooo beautiful!

Christie said...

Thank you Gina!
Thank you's great to *see* you!
Thank you Susan!
Three big hugs to you all. :)