Friday, August 24, 2007

Adding new content

I managed to get a 3 column layout going here. I've never been super keen on the 3 column look, but now that I'm going to use this blog as my main communication webpage I have to adjust. :)

I added a link to my clay tutorials and transferred all the links from my "favorite links" page at over to the right column there. --->

I also have a page of recommended books I'd like to move here, but I'm not sure it's sidebar content. Maybe an individual post that I can then link to in the sidebar?

Anyway, please let me know if you click on anything that doesn't work. I found a nifty online tool that allowed me to create this layout and all the colors. I'm planning to tweak it with some graphics too. But this will do for now.

The sun has finally popped out today (been cloudy and rainy...YAY!!!). I need to get outside and take pics of some new skull beads while I can. Toodles!


Susan T said...

Hi Christie!
I love the new layout! And thank you for including me! How cool!!! I'm really going to try to get to "chat" one of these days!

Polka Dot Creations said...

It completely doesn't look like a blogger blog anymore! (I mean that in a good way - I think it's nice to show some individuality. Your blog should reflect you, not your host, IMHO)

I'm wondering if I should try a 3-column layout. My sidebar is getting *really* long!

Kamoe-Clay said...

Hi Christie,

very individual and interesting look, so much informative too.

Thanks for adding me.

Lissa said...

Very cool!! Thought I went to the wrong blog for a minute!