Friday, August 17, 2007

Faux ceramic

Have you read Michael's faux ceramic tutorial? It is very very fun stuff. I am enjoying experimenting with all the color possibilities. This is only a tiny part of my experiments.

These are cute little beads that I plan on making more of.

All but one were made with pre-tinted TLS. I *think* they were tinted with oil paints but honestly I'm not sure. I bought them from another clayer some time ago. But I like the way they feel and look. The darker purple one (about 3 o'clock) I made with TLS tinted with metallic alcohol inks. The liquid clay is gorgeous, but I'm not crazy about it on this beige clay. Even with several layers of Future, it's still sort of grainy. Don't like that so much. I'm going to try the purple liquid clay on some different base colors. I'm thinking turquoise, pink, white, maybe silver? What do you think?

And I loooove this pendant. I've listed it in my Etsy store, but I'm not totally convinced I want to part with it! I wonder if I should take pictures of it on the usual white background? Hhmmm...

Anyway, this is what I've been playing with. In between skull beads that is. :)
1st round of skull beads


Sara said...

hello there from your neighbour on the Etsy blog ring!! I think you should keep that pendant for yourself, its reaally nice!!

Lissa said...

Very cool stuff!! How do you find the time chasing after all those adorable kids?? Makes me wish I hadn't sold all my clay..

Jeanne Rhea said...

Love the pendant! I made a huge palette of three brands of liquid clays using artists' powdered pigments, the Pearl-ex Powders, Genesis paints and chalks. I esp. love the Liquid Sculpey as it gives the matte glazed pottery look that I love from the Arts & Crafts Period. I still use all of the brands though.

shoozles said...

I gotta have some of those star beads You make such beautiful things Christie :)) Hugs Michelle