Thursday, August 02, 2007

Silver and clay belong together!

At least in my humble opinion they do. :) I am so excited that I now have my beginner metal smithing supplies. In the next month or two (sooner if I make some Etsy sales!) I'm going to add a jeweler's saw and some metal sheeting to my box of toys. Right now I'm working with wire and premade bezels. I'm practicing my soldering. It's getting better. Which merely means I suck a little less than last week. LOL!

Anyway, I sketched an idea and created it this week! The soldering even went well. I polished it and added come clay. YAY!!

The leaves dangle and move slightly inside their delicate frames. FUN! :)
I held several different styles of beads inside the frames. I foresee several versions of this one.


Gaile said...

Christie, those are BEAUTIFUL!

Cindy said...

These are beautiful! I really, really love them!

Lissa said...

Pretty!!!!That's one thing I haven't tried yet...soldering :/ I did finally break down and buy a little kitchen torch for making head pins :)

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Michelle said... I bought the s.s wire you suggested and the book, and guess what? I suck at the wire twisting stuff!!! So I'm afraid you will now have to make all my wire findings from now on. Sorry :P (I'll take 6 pairs of these)

Love them, totally cute! Great job Christie.

KC said...

AWESOME. I LOVE THESE. I may need to buy a few pairs of these for Christmas Gifts, as I suck at wire wrapping.