Thursday, August 02, 2007

It looked better in my head

How many times do you say that after you create something? Oh man...I say it A LOT.

I have been wanting to make some flowers with skulls as the centers. In my head it was so cute and odd and whimsical. But this first version of the idea is 'ok' but not perfect.

Structurally the pendant is fine. But I'm not 100% pleased with the way it turned out. I think, maybe, the skull needs to be nestled into the petals instead of resting on top.

However! I do like how it kind of has that pirate's medallion look about it. The flower petals almost look like a compass to me. And the tiny swarovski rhinestones (Thank you my generous friend Scott!!) really sparkle in that fiery blood stone sort of way. :) Oh!! And the extra long headpin was made my ME. I finally found something I can do successfully with my torch. LOL!

Last nite I got to thinking....I may not be 100% happy with the pendant, but someone else might think it's perfect! We are all drawn to different styles and have different tastes.
What should I do with it? I was thinking about opening a discussion at the Etsy forums....asking others to share pictures of their "Not quite perfect" creations. And maybe, just maybe, potential buyers will fall in love with those creations and want to give them a good home. Because I think we all create things that are structurally and functionally good...they just don't appeal to the creator aesthetically. Kind of like when I'm sitting at a red light and say, "I'd drive that car if it were a different color!" But the car's owner loves the color. Am I making any sense at all? I don't feel like I am.

I guess I'm wondering: Should you only sale the pieces you yourself feel are aesthetically perfect? Do you withhold the not quite (aesthetically) perfect pieces? (Even if they are otherwise perfect in your opinion.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Christie, I agree that we should definitely offer for sale things we dont nessasarily find attractive. I have sold several things at shows that I thought was butt ugly. Someone will adore your little skull flower. I know I liked it and my son would wear it every day. My feeling is this. I create things that please me. I have often had my creations go astray more often that I want to admit to but just as often I have seen people go nuts over those very creations.
Hugs , Pam GSOLFOT

Polka Dot Creations said...

I'm guilty of tossing things that I make that just don't grab me, but I know I shouldn't... I'm always surprised when I do craft shows - people are often drawn to the work that I am least excited about.

Bettina said...

Oh, it often happens that something does not look like I wanted it, but I NEVER say it loudly, I only think it by myself. I always say: It looks just the way, I wanted it to - and there is always somebody, who loves it. ;)

Michelle said...

I'm super critical of myself, so alot of my things don't meet my "standards". But I also know that people love the things that I make, so I have to let go and just go with what feels right and not over analyze.

I've sold things (just to fill space) that I made when I first started and can't believe people have purchased them. At the time I thought they were nice, but my skills have gotten much better. So you just never know!

Put it up on Etsy, it will be someone's favorite piece!