Thursday, September 06, 2007

Last of the skulls and a new video

Happy Thursday to you. :)

I have uploaded the last of my little skull beads at Etsy.

Because of the move, there will be no more before Halloween. Which totally kills a whole list of color scheme ideas I had! So please go check them out if you are in the want or need for adorable little handmade skull beads. :)

Also, I've uploaded a new clay video. This one covers the how-to of making shiny polymer clay beads. I demonstrate wet sanding, buffing, and applying Future as a clear finish.
I originally planned to upload the video to both Live Video and YouTube, but only promoting the Live Video one b/c I really prefer that website. But wouldn't you know it....Live Video is doing site upgrades right now and my video is stuck in the que. But the YouTube version is fully functional. LOL! Irony! :)
Anyway, here are the two links: On YouTube - Live Video.

And on a personal note: We are in the home stretch of the house closing process. We will get an official date any day now. Yay!! Now....I'm off to pack some boxes! :)

Edited to add: The Live Video version is live now. The link above will take you there.
Also, only 2 of those 4 sets of skulls are still available. That's leaves 4 sets total. So pop on over there if you like. :)


Gina said...

I'm excited for you! :)

I picked up a cute set for Julia, she's gonna love them!


Susanna said...

A new video yay! I will look at the skull beads...I NEED a set of those. Take care!

Gina said...

Your videos are fab. You seriously could be the next Carol Duvall!

I went to school with one of her great nieces. Jessica. I remember her talking about her Aunt Carol, and her little sister, Felicity would go on her show from time to time, and I would be all excited when I would see her on there. :)

I know you love the woman, had to share. :)

Lissa said...

Loved the tut!! Gonna pass the link on to some new clayers :)

So happy for you and the house situation!! You all packed up yet ;) Loving the skull beads!! hmmm..skulls and swirls?? Ohh..I could turn the swirls into spider webs!! Gonna see what you have left!

April said...

Good tutorial.. too bad I didn't see that when I first started! But through trial and error I got it. Also, I have the same buffer as you (courtesy of harbor freight also)!!!! (at least I did something right) I prefer sanded and high speed buffed beads also. It's amazing how shiney they are.
Thanks for the tutorial and hope your able to move and unpack soon!