Friday, September 14, 2007

Saying thanks

I have always liked to send some sort of thank you gift with purchases. The gift always varies depending on the person and the situation. The gift usually coordinates with the purchase or is a few extra of what they purchased. But more times than not I don't have extras. So I've been playing around with the idea of a standard thank you gift have on hand. And I came up with this:

They're magnets! They are 1 inch square. They are really just simpler versions of my flower art bead pendants. The petals are solid colors instead of cane slices. The centers are beautiful, tiny vintage rhinestones from my extremely talented pal Scott. (Psst! Look here for more sparklies.) The words are an image transfer using tshirt transfer paper. As you can see from the picture of the back side, my transfers are not always perfectly straight across. LOL!

I've already mailed out a few of these in different colors. Personally...I love them! But then, I adore the flower pendants I make as well. I'm biased. :) Anyway, I'm super pleased that I now have a handmade thank you gift to send to each customer. It makes me smile.

How do you feel about thank you extras? Do you send something with your packages? Do you expect a little something extra as a buyer?

OT personal note: Monday we were told we might close on the house today (Friday). But there have been a few typical closing snags. (Snags with our house?!? No way!!) Today the word is we'll close by Wednesday. We're almost there! Wheee!!


Gina said...

I have mine up on the fridge. It's SO cute! =D

I don't expect any extras, but it is a nice thoughtful surprise to get something. Another lady that I bought from on Etsy tossed in some goodies too. It was nice!

Good thoughts on the closing! Wednesday is just around the corner. :)

Lissa said...

I got mine on the fridge as well! I love it!! um..maybe you should sell them to other Etsy sellers and customize them..just sayin...*cough*me! I think they are brilliant!I've been wanting to come up with smething, but still have no idea what..

Ugh! Hope it goes through on wednesday! We never had these kinds of problems..only problems with DH's ex wife trying to keep us from buying a place...Good luck! Sending positive vibes your way!

Lissa said...

BTW...I didn't know Scott was on Etsy! I hearted him ;)

Scott said...

These are awesome, I think it's great to add a little something to a purchase.
Realy looking forward to your first blog entry from the new house, Did you ever get my card in the mail?
Thanks for the links btw.

Hi Lissa, I hearted you too. Thanks!
How cool that you work for Harley... Sweet!

Susan said...

Hey Christie,
Those are so cute and what a good idea! Jana also had a little one-inch square of one of her canes with a rhinestone in the center in the little bag she made up of stuff to string our piece we made in her class. Man, that was a long sentence!!! But we were all very appreciative!
Good luck on Wednesday...can't wait to here how it all goes when you get settled in!