Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mica shift magnets

I've only tried mica shift once before. The results were not impressive. Totally my fault for skimming directions. That was well over a year ago.

Last week I got the wild hair to try again. I have Kato clay now and have read many times how wonderful Kato is for mica shift. I mixed up a pale blue color and got out one of my favorite swirly stamps. I loved it instantly! I kept making my husband rub his fingers over the raw clay...."Feel how smooth it is?!? How cool is that?!?" LOL!

The next day I sat down to play. NO prior plans or expectations. I was merely 'piddling'. I got out the wavey blade. I trimmed the blue sheet a bit. Then I decided to put a black & white border around it....contrasting the pastel might look cool. (I just love the funky striped border effect!) Then I envisioned beaded dangles from the wavey edge. And it clicked: magnets!!

So I started mixing coordinating pastel colors. I suddenly had a plan. *insert evil giggle* A whole set of bejewelled, shiny, funky fridge magnets. Ooooh yeah!!

This is what I got.
Mica shift beaded magnets
(click for bigger pic)
I call it jewelry for the fridge. I love love love the way they look on the fridge. I will definately be making more fridge jewelry in the future!

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