Monday, March 12, 2007

Back in the saddle

I started this blog to host a weekly recipe swap. That idea flopped, floundered and died. But oh well. No biggie. It was not my first bad idea...won't be the last. :)

I had also used this blog to talk about my clay work. Almost every item I make has a story behind it. Not always interesting stories...but stories nonetheless. Personally, I find it fascinating how the stream of conciousness idea works. Ideas and thoughts sprout new ideas, and they morph into new ideas, and maybe because of special circumstances they change again, and so on. This is how most of my clay things come to life. In my sketch book they start out completely different. Perhaps the journey to the finished products will only be interesting to me. But biggie. That's why I love journaling. Looking back and reading about what once was and how it came to be.

With that in mind...I'm going to go crop/edit/and upload a couple new pictures. I'm frustrated with a current idea and I need to talk about it. :)

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