Thursday, May 04, 2006

Flowers and a bear

Here are 2 new flower canes I've made:
Flower canes April 06_reduced
The pink flower came first. It's my favorite! I love how it turned out. From start to finish it just worked. :)
The orange flower went thru several incarnations during the building process. I started w/the idea of a simple sunflower-esque cane. But I did not really like the colors after I built the petal cane. So I tried reducing it and changing the look. I had to make the petals really small. I didn't start with a large enough skinner blend....a problem when changing plans. Long story short: I was unhappy with it from the start. It seemed to get uglier with each incarnation! LOL! But I finished it and reduced it. I was shocked when I cut into the cane. It turned out quite nice! Talk about a happy accident!

Now remember, I've been starting from scratch (as far as clay and supplies). My stash of canes is in storage. :( I was dying to try an idea I had in my mind. I envisioned the green background flower canes on a "grassy knoll"....and a cute little teddy bear sitting there. In my mind the knoll was covered with several different color flowers. But! Since I have no patience, I made it with the two canes I had. LOL!
It's a photo holder!

Remember to click on the pictures for larger images. It will also take you to my Flickr where you can see more pictures of the raw canes.

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