Friday, April 13, 2012

Milani Lavender Fizz (almost) one coat glitter

It seems I am incapable of just wearing one nail polish at a time.  I can not leave it alone!  I try.  I really do.  Good grief, with 5 kids (one being a baby) I really really need to perfect the speedy mani.  Oh well.
Lavender Fizz is the 3rd Milani one coat glitter I've bought.  One really thick coat could be enough with any of them, but I couldn't resist adding more color.  I sandwiched a Sally Girl in between to add some blue hues to the lavender.

It goes: Milani, Sally, Milani, clear coat x2.  The Milani is very rough alone.  Dries quickly though!

One more shot.  Can you see the blue bits?  My finger tips are like tiny shiny disco balls!  :)

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