Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fleshy holo + matte = subtle coolness

I went outside to take some bright sunshine pics, and the butterflies were abundant!
I don't know if they are mating, or hatching, or dying, or taking a migration break or what...but they are everywhere. bomber!
This mani started with Catherine Arley #668.  A pretty, rich, but subtle holographic fleshy (my color fleshy) color.  Two easy, quick drying coats.  I love this brand! (sorry for the big's from my Instagram pics...I LOVE Instagram!)

A day later I saw NYC Matte Me Crazy, and some little round jewelry tag stickers in my craft room and decided to play.  This is the only matte polish I own, so I can't compare, but I love this stuff!  One thin coat makes the matte magic happen, and quickly.

The effect is super subtle.  Too subtle really.  But it made the little light bulb go off in my peabrain...must try different color combos!  :)  Oh, and the matted holo polish almost looks like suede on my nails, which is also very cool.  But subtle.  I don't do subtle.  I think today I'll add some chunky gold glitter!  LOL!

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