Monday, February 27, 2012

Wet n Wild glitters

This past weekend I got to play in my sis-in-law's polish stash.  She recently bought some Wet n Wild glitter polishes at Walgreens, and they are so pretty!

Before I spam you with pics of my nubbies, here is a link to Scrangie's nail blog post about the same polishes.  It looks like she used JUST the glitters with top coats.  I have to muck with stuff...gotta try different color base coats and such.  :)

My left hand got the Wet n Wild Back Alley Deals.  It's dark purple with hot pink.  I used a dark purple fast dry base coat color on my pinkie and index fingers, and a magenta/hotter pink base on the bird and ring fingers.  Then Back Alley Deals followed by a thin coat of Essie's Set in Stones glitter.  I loooooove that Essie glitter b/c it's got such a cute mix of big and small glitter flecks.  Oh, and a clear coat on top.  The Wet n Wild glitters are very matte and gritty until the clear coat, then they POP!  It was a happy accident that my left hand now matches my phone case!  :)

My right hand got Wet n Wild Rockin' Rubies, over a hot pink base color.  Again with Essie's Set in Stones and a clear coat on top.  I wish I'd done both hands AND my toes like this.  It's so pretty! 

I need to add another layer of clear coat.  I love these so much I may keep this on for TWO days!  LOL!  Well, if they last.  My nubbies look like happy little parties!

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