Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PCFC - Spring Lilac

My 1st try at a Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge (PCFC).  That's a mouthful!  :)  The Crumpet's blog is here!

Purple is my favorite color, but not lilac.  I didn't realize I own lots of purples, but no light purple polishes.  Nuttin!  This challenge is your favorite spring lilac or peach.  Well hells bells I don't own peach either!!  LOL!

After getting all frustrated I opted to just paint my nails with a pretty new blue glitter, and call it a day.  But then I found some lilac/lavender (what's the difference??) striping polish and added a little lilac love to my nails.

I guess this has to be my favorite by default...it's my only one!  LOL!
Pure Ice A List is the base.  Then Wet n Wild Blue Wants to be a Millionaire (which is so so pretty in person).  Stripes in Kiss Soft Purple.  And a tiny bit of Pure Ice Busted over the stripes for sparkle.

Yes it took me ages to do this mediocre mani.  But oh well.  It kept me from cleaning house, so...score!  :)
 Maybe next time I'll clean up my cuticles and apply lotion before I take pics!  :op

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Selma said...

You're getting so good at this!!! Your artistic flair is coming through loud and clear. Very nice!!!
... Selma