Monday, January 30, 2012

Cute, cheap nails

It pains me to spend over $5 for a bottle of nail polish, because I'm a tight wad. :) I would LOVE to have a collection of holographic polishes and snazzy glitters, but not until they fall into a clearance bin. :)

Today my nails are cute, glittery mauve and on the cheap!

Pure Ice Rumors + Bon Bons 1241

I'm guessing "1241" is the color code for the Bon Bons. Or are they too cheap to have individual identification?? LOL! 1241 is what is stamped on the bottom of the tiny bottle.

Pure Ice is about $2 a bottle, and Bon Bons are .99 cents.

Almost forgot to say...this color combo was inspired by Crumpet! :)

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