Friday, February 27, 2009

Her name is Lily

I know this b/c she told me. :) As I was putting the final brush strokes on her face, the heard the name in my mind. Lily. Sounds like I need to open a window and lay off the Mod Podge fumes. Ha!
clothespindoll - Lily

Lily started out much differently. She changed clothes 3 times. I have a limited selection of embroidery floss and fabric...not to mention I'm color coordination the outfits are hard for me!

But I live for the accessories. I had no idea how much I enjoy making miniatures.
flower basket
I wanted her to hold a caged bird. I even tried to engineer a tiny wire birdcage, but after 2 failed attempts I gave up. I can do flowers! I'm sure noone is surprised to see that glittery flowers grow in Lily's world. :)


Anonymous said...

She's a lovely Lily. She just needs a few eyelashes to make her flirty. Just an opinion. Too bad the birdcage didn't work out. Don't give up - perfection is around the corner.

BizzyBee said...

Hi, She's very sweet!
A birdcage would be fantastic if it eventually works out :O)
x Bee