Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Revisiting an old idea

Shield your eyes! I'm warning you. Fuglies ahead:

These are some of my very first beads from 2000. The long skinny pendant on the left was an idea that came to life way back then. I still have the pendant hanging on my clay table. I liked it (the basic idea) 7 years ago, and I still like it today. The old one was made with a beginner cane, some old scrap silver colored wire, and a couple seed beads.

Here is the same idea with mokume gane slices, nice sterling wire and two teeny tiny swarovski crystals.

I made the mokume gane block thinking of ocean colors. The pendant shaped itself. It started rectangular and grew from there.

I jumped on the Etsy bandwagon and opened a shop. I'm going to use it to sell my loose pendants and beads. I'm still fumbling around the system a bit....trying to get used to picture settings and such. But I like it. Seems much cozier than Ebay.


Sandi said...

Christie, I just love, love, love this pendant! Mind if I try one?


Christie said...

Thank you Sandi!
Of course I don't mind. Silly girl. :) Just FYI..I used 24ga wire for the embellishment. It bends like buttah! Very easy and fun to use.

KC said...

HAHA! Fuglies... I love that term. I just call mine ugly canes...Some of your fuglies I liked.