Saturday, September 27, 2008

$10 coupon code

I finally decided on a digital camera. Yay! And better yet...just minutes before I ordered it I got an email from Abe's (my new favorite electronics store) with a $10 off coupon code. Score!!

I'm not sure, but I hope the code will work for anyone. With an order of $75 or more, use the code "LOYALTY10" in the shopping cart for a $10 discount.

No, they are not paying me to pimp their website...LOL...I just wanted to try to share the savings. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm on Twitter

I've heard about Twitter many times but totally ignored it. I figured it was just another myspace. (blech!) But just like with myspace, I finally caved in and signed up. I've never been able to stand up to peer pressure. LOL!

I so don't need another online account to distract me from the responsibilities of my day. But oh well...I'll give it a go. It looks fun. Here's my page. :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where is Fall?

It's not here. I had to LOL at the weatherman yesterday. During the extended forecast he said, "Hang in there til Friday or will start to feel more like will cool off to the lower 80's and much lower humidity". Lower 80s?! HA!!! It's not even cool enough at nite to open the windows. What a goober.

We got back home Thursday evening. Aaron returned to work Friday (and all weekend). Sunday our internet came back on. Garrett started school yesterday. Today Amelia will go to her belated 2 week old checkup. She'll be 4 weeks old Friday. :)

I'd love to have something crafty to show you but alas...still no camera. I'd like to have a help buy me a camera sale on Etsy but way to take new pictures. Dangit! LOL!

So here's a hurricane video. It's very underwhelming. Certainly won't make it to CNN! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Refugees or Evacuees?

Mom calls us her refugees, but I prefer's sounds less 3rd worldy. :)

We survived Ike. And our house (which is 50 miles north of Houston) the weather wasn't that bad. Not by our standards anyway. We had several hours of strong, sustained winds. Probably 70+ mph. We didn't flood, but our neighbord had sewage backing up into their backyards. EW. EW. EW.
Nothing in our neighborhood was destroyed, but there was a lot of damage in town. Certain areas around the lake were heavily damaged. I wish I had a picture of the large boat dock that was blown up and on top of it's neighboring boat dock. It made a huge, mangled boat dock sandwich. Crazy! There were plenty of snapped trees and damaged roofs. And there is no power anywhere in town. Or the neighboring towns. From what we heard, the hospital was about the only place with power.

We lost power at 4:30am Saturday. Not bad considering the weather hit a couple hours before that. Saturday Aaron fired up the grill and made enough hamburgers for a small army and then smoked a huge brisket. We had planned on riding out the no-electricity thing for a couple days. But then we hear on the radio that it could be at least a week, or two, or three, before we got power......we decided to pack up our yummy food and get the heck out of dodge! It's not like Garrett would miss school or Aaron miss work. About noon-thirty yesterday we started driving north.

Mom is happily sharing her house with us until our neighbors call with news of electricity in TX. With any luck it will be one day this week! In the meantime Aaron will do a little work on the house, which is always good.

Thanks for your well wishes and concerns for us! We are safe and sound and waiting it out WITH ELECTRICITY in Oklahoma. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike Ike Bo Bike

We are preparing for our 1st hurricane. Growing up in tornado hell makes us not too uptight about super strong winds and torrential rain though. :) And our city is in the evacuate-TO zone, so that makes us rest a little easier too. Still...we may well lose electricity this weekend so Aaron is at the store picking up a few things.

In other non-crafty life news: Amelia is doing well. She's reached a fussy phase unfortunately, but it comes and goes. Gas bubbles and over-eating/under-eating are mostly to blame I think. I wish the camera still worked...I'd love to bore you with a dozen new pictures a day. :) I'll have to settle for a video of the older girls being little Mommies. Lydia was fresh up from a long nap. Her hairdo is funny! But she was being such a sweetie I had to tape it. Unfortunately I missed her rocking and singing to the baby just before. I hope you can hear her ok. I forgot to turn off the noisy oscillating fan. :o\

Speaking of the camera....I'm comparison shopping digicams. The Canon Powershots to be specific. Do any of you have a Powershot? I'd really love to hear any feedback on these cameras. I'm reading good things about several of the SD's and the A's. I'm looking for something less than $300 that will take good macro shots of my clay things as well as be a good point and shoot for family stuff. But I've read so many reviews I'm totally confused.

Well, it's been a few hours since I started this post. Aaron had to go to several different stores to get groceries. Most everything is sold out. He just went back to w@lm@rt at 10pm b/c they promised a new shipment of bread by 10. Every store in the area was out of bread earlier!
We are stocked up on water, non-perishable foods, a gas powered camping grill (in case we can't use the charcoal grill due to weather), we have a new manual can opener, a new corkscrew, and 2 new bottles of red wine for Mom. I'd say he did a good job covering all the important bases. LOL! Please keep a good thought for us this weekend. Let's hope IF the power goes out it's only for a short period of time!