Friday, March 28, 2008

We. Are. Home.

Please imagine me saying that with the biggest, most content sigh ever. :) Here are 2 of my 3 totally content children. My Mom came over yesterday to give the gift of welcome home house cleaning as well as leave the kids their easter baskets. After we arrived, the girls made themselves comfortable and began consuming mass amounts of chocolate. :) Garrett is now playing xbox and the girls are playing with all their toys like they are brand new. It's good to be home!

Our trip home was smooth. We made a quick stop by Graceland, but only to snap a pic from across the street and eat lunch. I was not been feeling well so we didn't take time to do the big guided tour. We made the detour for the family visit and now we are HOME.

And I have to tell that I'm home I do not want to leave my home. Neither one of us wanted to leave in the first place, but now that we're here again...I've felt like crying ever since we walked in the door. Not that it would be the first time I've cried since all this news came about (or the 2nd or 3rd..) but being here makes it more real. Oh to be not-pregnant and less emotional about all this. :)

I need to take a deep breath and my friend Susan's attitude and look towards the positives. After all, my home is where ever my wonderful little family is at the end of the day, right?

I would love to say I'll start blogging at PC again soon BUT....I have to start packing now. Well, I'll start after I've slept for a few days. Speaking of sleep...I'm going to put Lydia down for a late nap and lay myself down on MY bed and relax. My bed...oh how I've missed it!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

You're not gonna believe this

We're going home tomorrow! Well, not home tomorrow but we're starting the journey home tomorrow. The van is partially packed. Aaron and I will make one last trip to the breakfast room tomorrow (early!!) and then put the sleepy kids in the car to begin the journey. After a layover at the relative's house we should get home Friday. Thank goodness!

But wait...I have far bigger news. This is what the title line was really referring to....

We're moving.
Yep. Moving. As in, moving out of the house we worked so hard to get in to. Out of the house that still looks like this and this and is totally unsaleable or rentable.
Long story extremely short: We bought it in September. Late October Aaron's employer was bought out by another company. Shortly after that a "reorganization" began to take place. Things have been getting progressively worse for him and his coworkers since October. ("if only" the reorganization had happened in July or August!!!) The employer continues to promote the undeserving and penalize the dedicated employees. Hell, he's lucky he wasn't laid off with many others the past few months. Anyway....a company in Houston wants Aaron. They made him 2 offers. The 2nd one he could not turn down. Neither one of us want to move down there. At all. (imagine very strong emphasis on the "at all") But the fact is, his current job situation is a ticking time bomb and this is a life raft to jump on before the ship goes down.

The house is definitely a problem. But it so happens that my Mom is in the market for a place. She is saving our asses by living in the house for the time being. We will contract out the work and try to get it sale ready from a distance.

So!! Just when we thought life was settling down....WRONG! :) The kids and I will remain at home for a few weeks while Aaron starts the new job. Some of his family lives there. I am researching school districts like a mad woman, and Aaron will take my info and house hunt for us. So please think some positive thoughts for us, ok? For the time being we live in "play it by ear" mode.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

22 days

That's how long we've been away from home. And while I don't miss being there at all, I do miss my bed and my space. Unfortunately much housework goes along with much space, but I'm ready to make that sacrifice. :) I need to be able to put all my kids in bed behind their bedroom DOORS and for me to do the same. But all in all, our time here has passed by fairly quickly and painlessly. I can not tell you how much I have not missed housework!

We were supposed to be leaving Friday, but as no surprise to us, they changed that to Tuesday or Wednesday. We have big weekend plans though. We will be spending Saturday nite here in D.C. I fear that with all our children in tow we will look like the Clampett's in the big city. LOL! The weather is not what I'd prefer for sightseeing. I would like it to be about 10-15 degrees warmer! But Aaron has his heart set on visiting D.C. while we are so close, so I am being optimistic. And I totally understand where's he's coming from. We are 245 miles away. Slightly better than our usual 1,345 miles away. Besides...inclement weather will only add to the memories, right?! :) I've been there before, but Aaron really has no clue as to the magnitude of it all. I'm just going to tag along w/my camera and try not to whine too much.

Nothing much else to tell I guess. Well, nothing I feel like blogging that is. I'm sure I'll be back here Monday with D.C. stories.

Edited to add: We canceled the weekend excursion. For a couple different reasons. Anyone who's known me for very long knows that our life goes through these phases where it's changing moment to moment. We happen to be in one of those phases right now. (Woo. Hoo.) More on that later perhaps.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Aquarium day

Yesterday was a nice weather day so we ventured up to VA and went to the VA Beach aquarium. It's an interesting setup there. They split the exhibits between 2 buildings that are separated by a 1/3 mile nature trail. Along the trail are several 'extra' trails to take and explore. After walking all the trails (we did NOT walk the extra trails on the return trip) AND walking the 2 building, the girls and I were beat! Here are a few pictures:

Inside a replica Indian hut:

Watching the otters play:

They watched 3 otters 'wrestling' for several minutes when Dad realized...those otters aren't wrestling! LOL!

There are several more pics here in the album if you are interested. :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

PC flickrness

In an attempt to bring some polymer clay back into this polymer clay blog....I thought I'd share some of the beautiful creations found in my flickr contacts this week.

I'm disappointed my flickr friend Ilil Ziv disabled the 'blog this' feature on her pictures, because she's made some fantastic clay covered glass pieces this week. So click on her name and check them out. This bowl is my favorite. I love how she didn't do the typical spiral out from the center. It looks like it's moving!

Originally uploaded by rubarb04
Barbara Farjado has taken her flower beads to a whole new stunning level. I didn't think they could get any prettier...but they have.

I wish I had just a sprinkling of Marcia Palmer's creativity. She's always creating such wonderful things, and this turquoise pendant is no exception.

The talented sculptor, Penni Jo, has been very busy making ceramic molds of an original PC creation. Look at all those beautiful color choices.

Pink-Spring Flower Cane
Originally uploaded by Ronit golan
Spring has officially sprung at Ronit Golan's clay table. Her use of colors is always inspiring, no matter what the season. It would seem life is never dull in her imagination. :)

And on a side note: My apologies for all the deleted posts in your google reader. Because everyone (except me, I guess) has disabled direct linking of flickr photos I had to 'blog this' for each picture and then do some HTML hacking. Sort of takes the fun out of doing a multi-photo blog post like this. But I decided sharing all this PC goodness was worth the hassle.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do you make lotion?

I'd like to give it a try. Not to mass produce, just for myself. After 3 long, itchy pregnancies I'd like to have my own luxurious lotion to slather on my growing tummy this time around. Allow me to think out loud about what I've been finding online today. And please feel free to leave any advice you might have!
  • I hate the smell of cocoa butter. Haaaate it. Today I discovered that cocoa butter comes in a refined version that is unscented. Woohoo!!
  • I love the feel of shea butter lotion. So I'm looking for a combo (unscented) cocoa butter and shea butter lotion.
  • My tummy is sensitive to fragrance right now. But there are a few smells I can still enjoy in moderation. Another reason I'd like to mix my own.
  • Sandlewood, lavender and vanilla (in moderation), chamomile. Yeap...that's about it for now. LOL!
  • I used to wear BLV perfume. Which has nothing to do w/the lotion making stuff, I just felt like throwing that in. :)
  • I found this recipe for a belly cream for preggos. It looks fairly easy to execute. But, do I have to measure grams with an electric scale? I don't want to invest in one.
  • Now this recipe is measured in teaspoons and tablespoons. But there are more ingredients to buy.
  • Where do I buy borax? It sounds familiar. Is it a grocery store item?
  • How do I know how much EO fragrance I can add?
  • Should I buy a book on lotion making? Or can the internet teach me all I need to know? I found this book on Amazon and initially thought it looked good. But the reviews are mixed and make me think it's not right for my purpose.
  • Holy crap! I just found this list of websites with premade bases. Another option I've been looking at. You guys....this is far too many options. I'll be comparison shopping for days! LOL! I hope some of you reading this will have advice or experience on this topic. Because I'm beginning to think I just need to buy some lotion on Etsy. I found several shops with cocoa/shea butter lotions that will scent to suit.
  • But where's the fun in giving up before I even try it?! I could spend money on all new crafty supplies! LOL!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The fridge in our crib

Have you ever watched MTV's Cribs? They always show what the rich people keep in the fridge. I opened our tiny mini-fridge earlier and laughed. It made me think of a teeny version of a Crib's fridge. All packed up tight with convenience foods.

Except that we stick to the $1 dinners. :)

The kids played in the pool last nite. I wasn't feeling up to it, so I took pictures. Aaron will hate this picture since he looks like a total goob...but I'm sharing it anyway. :)

I'm not sure what happened with the reflections and his chest. In real life he does not look like a raisin bagel. LOL!
Garrett and Emily floating around.

And little miss rainbow swimsuit.

I took a dozen pictures of her, trying to capture her sitting on the edge kicking her feet and laughing. But she's always on the move.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Day at the beach

Well, not really. It was more like 15 minutes at the beach freezing our ears off, driving around the Outer Banks, and finally a couple hours at a sand dune state park area. I'm afraid I left all my sightseeing books down in the car, so bear with me while I'm vague on the facts. :)

Somewhere in Kitty Hawk we walked out on the beach and officially saw the Atlantic. It was a balmy 49 degrees today and the beach wind was fierce. The girls were completely freaked out by the waves rolling in. Emily thought they were after her. Here is proof they were there but they didn't like it.

Garrett and I were there too.

After driving around a while we stopped for lunch and visited the pier out back afterwards.

The girls thought some squawking birds were cool.

Miss Emily never passes up a photo op.

In Nags Head we found sand dunes.

Just over the high point (where Garrett is waving) is the (Alberlmarle?) sound.

Aaron just had to climb the broken tower that said STAY OFF. He's all for setting the good example.

Here are all 4 of my kids before wading into the sound. (MUCH less wind here)

The water was only ankle deep for a long way out. The kids had a great time splashing around in it. Garrett ran until he was wet to his chest. (He got to ride home in his undies.) I took a couple little (soundless) videos. I hope you can view them. The first one is the kids playing. The 2nd video I call "My husband Jesus". He walked waaaaay out there. The video clip only shows the first few moments...then Emily fell down and I had to see to her.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

1400 miles later

Our home for the next 2-3 weeks. Notice it's not suite size. *sigh* The hotel would not take the gov't rate for a suite. (buttheads!) So we're in a regular old room. It's tighter quarters than we'd like, but hey...go with the flow, right? :)

Did you catch that 2 to 3 week bit? It seems, after Aaron agreed to come, that they decided his leave date is "TBD". 2 weeks changed to at least 2 weeks to 2-4 weeks to May 11th. Yeah...some email said May 11th. Can you believe that?! Corporate b.s. is so...b.s. Anyway...we're being optimistic for a short stay.

Our trip out was mostly uneventful. The scenery was nice when it wasn't raining. The Smokey Mountains were nice. I loooove mountains and trees. I miss seeing that out my door everyday. *sigh* Lydia threw up once the first day. The 2nd day we bought dramamine. :) Today we just chilled and relaxed and swam. Tomorrow we plan to visit the Atlantic. So I should have more pictures and stories soon. Later taters!