Friday, March 08, 2013

Hard Candy Pink Taffy and Fireworks

Hard Candy Polish has a new collection available at Walmarts. The Yukon, OK store has them ALL! :)
Pink Taffy is a winner! It's opaque and creamy while still saturated with glitters. Two coats was enough and it's totally wearable without a top coat. Not too rough.
Fireworks, on the accent finger, is a jelly with many sizes of glitters. It's pretty but the long, skinny glitters stick up and dry like prickles. It took a lot of SecheVite and coaxing to get them to lay flat.
In the end I still had to pluck a couple pieces out. They kept catching on everything.
At $4 a bottle I hope I can gradually collect a LOT of these! :)

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