Monday, December 03, 2007

Happy Room Pictures

It seems, from reading other blogs and message boards, that crafty people like to see where other crafty people create. I know I do. I am beyond thrilled to have my own Happy Room to clutter and create in now. It's so cool to have expanded from my Happy Corner. :) So far all I've done to decorate is sew and hang curtains. And I am so glad you can't see great detail in these pics! My sewing is scary (and hems!). From a distance they are just pretty pale blue curtains. :)

Anyway, this is the view standing just inside the door. It's a narrow rectangular room. (about 6x11 ft) The windowless wall is crazy full of large screw holes. I hung some things on that wall to try and cover holes. It ended up looking like this weird hodge podge crooked eye wall. LOL! And poor Marilyn...she's still sitting on the floor. I bought that ginormous poster many years ago on ebay. I wish it were smaller. What was I thinking? I love that picture, but the size is so overwhelming. *sigh*
Ok, moving on. The built-in cabinets were a big stroke of good luck! Here's the view with the doors open.

Between the cabinets and my rubbermaid drawers I have a place for everything. So cool! (The other closed cabinets are full of mostly non-crafty things.)
Here's a shot of the clay table area.

It's not the normal cluttered mess. Usually I have several different projects going on and I end up leaving myself this tiny 6" blank working space. How does that happen? Do you do that too? Eventually I want to switch to a larger table to I can have a permanent solder station as well. At the last house I had a super large table (Garrett's old race track table his Dad built) and had that clay and solder setup. But that table is too big for this room.

I moved the computer desk to the living room area for now. It was in the Happy Room. The Happy Room doesn't have a cable outlet yet, so that desk needed to move out. In the meantime that end of the room has been converted to the tv babysitter corner.

It gives me about 10 minutes of clay time instead of 5, before someone is crawling up into my lap or crying because "she took my toy". :)

Someday the swiss cheese wall and the water damaged spots will be repaired and the whole room will be a wonderful warm creative color. And I'll have artwork hanging and probably different curtains.
Did I mention those are $1 a yard curtains? Pale blue would not be my first choice of fabric, but when you are shopping only the $1 fabric isle you choose from what's available. :) But they are still cute. Up close they have this swirly embroidered detail that is very cute. In my house there are never enough swirls!

Thanks for taking the 10 cent tour of my Happy Room!


Anonymous said...

Hey Christie,
What a great room! I love the cabinets. And the Marilyn poster isn't too big!!! Just hang it. The light is so good and the curtains look great. The best part of a small room is that the mess can only migrate so far!!!

Jael said...

Man, look at all that storage space!!! I'm jealous!!

Anonymous said...

I do love to see where others create :)) great job!