Thursday, April 09, 2009

Lydia the non-gamer

I have a little clay project to post about, but I have to take pics later today. But first, a kid video to share. (Hey....I heard that groan...shoosh it!) ;)

The laptop came loaded w/this kiddie game where you practice following directions, in the form of making a duplicate cake. Shape, cake color, frosting color, decoration on top. If the cake is correct, it gets boxed up and put on the truck. If it's wrong, it drops in the trashcan.

Emily is an ace at this game. She loves it! Lydia wanted to try it. But Lydia isn't a "follower" sort of gal. LOL! Just watch!


beena said...

Oh gosh, they are both so cute and smart! Gave me a smile this morning. :)

I love that they are using the touchpad that most adults can't even stand to use! Ha!

Michael said...

Looks like they're getting a lot of fun out of that game, whether the cakes get trashed or not. (g)

Cindy said...

This is so darn cute!!! I was giggling through the whole thing!